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Advances in technology and connectivity have spawned a growing web of interconnected devices such as sensors, cameras, smartwatches, refrigerators, microwaves, and even cars. These devices are connecting via wired and wireless networks in large numbers. Proliferation of internet access have allowed for a vast increase to the number of connectable devices. Industries around the world are utilizing sensors and other devices to automate key business processes and decrease equipment malfunctions through timely issue identification. Consider business uses for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Industrial Application

There are many business and industrial applications for monitoring devices and sensors such as temperature gauges on sensitive equipment. These devices can help reduce maintenance costs and failures by alerting maintenance staff of irregularities or deviances.  Tracking the performance of machines also can alert maintenance teams of the need for preventative work. Sensors and other devices are also useful in logistics, constructions, oil and drilling, and for outlying offices. Businesses can take advantage of IoT devices to generate and quickly access data for better operations. Analysis of business data from connected devices can lead to actionable insights.


Security and Surveillance

The Internet of Things (IoT) also includes many security devices such as video surveillance, access point motion sensors, entry alarms, or even door and window sensors. Protecting your business-critical assets is vital. IoT security devices allow for instant access to video and other data streams from key sensors right to your smartphone or integrated dashboard. Because of the benefits many choose security cameras and related devices as elements of protecting their businesses.

There are, however, additional security concerns with the web of interconnected devices. For example, without proper security precautions, hackers can access critical data, peer through cameras, or even infiltrate other key systems via an undefended IoT device on your network.

Challenges with IoT Monitoring

There are many challenges when it comes to IoT devices like equipment monitoring sensors. Depending on the device locations it may be difficult to use a wired connection, especially for sensors spanning hundreds of miles, in remote regions, or hazardous terrain. Wireless communication methods are best for situations like these since they can span wide areas with reasonable connection speeds and the added bonus of mobility.

Sea crane

Cellular networks operate in a different range of radio wave frequencies and offer connectivity at longer ranges and can handle multiple users, position tracking, and handovers to other towers and networks.

When business data has to travel across multiple networks to an internet gateway, longer distances exposes the data to more security risks unless the proper precautions are taken. Setting up your network of business devices and equipment monitoring sensors requires careful planning and use of technology from the physical to application layers of internet connectivity. This is where expert help is essential.

Ways Globalgig Can Help

The experts at Globalgig can help through a variety of enterprise-ready products and tailored services. This can start with a careful analysis of your business needs, current network architecture, optimal solutions, and a plan to seamlessly integrate new required technology with existing operating equipment. Globalgig offers all-in-one managed solutions customized to unique business needs with affordable wireless networking rates and global coverage.

The Globalgig SIM card can be easily adapted to any sensor from business use to industrial grade and allow secure broadband access to business networks. You can also use these SIM cards in a failover situation if a wired or primary wireless network fails. Losing business connectivity, even for moments, can greatly impact customer perception and cause other issues such as with processing electronic payments. A failover network allows seamless transfer of data traffic to a backup wireless option such as the cellular network.

Globalgig SIM

Globalgig SIM cards can work in more than 200 countries across multiple carriers which is great for mobile business teams or global offices both permanent and temporary. This product allows a truly global networking option for large companies to handle logistics and tracking, equipment monitoring, and more. Globalgig also offers proprietary software in the form of SIM management platform, Orchestra, to easily manage attached devices and data usage. Reach out to a knowledgeable expert at Globalgig now to find out how many other ways your business can benefit.