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Hosted Call Centers

Robust and reliable solution for the critical demands of operational workflow

Hosted VoIP Headset
Key Components
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) for intelligent call routing and queuing
  • A basic auto-attendant offering interactive voice response (IVR) and custom messaging
  • An intuitive interface for greater agent productivity and management oversight
  • A Call Center Express Agent for daily statistics and ACD state management
  • Music On Hold and comfort announcements to provide callers with a greeting, followed by music or advertisements and periodic comfort announcements
  • A call recording solution for training and other uses

Basic Call Center

You need basic call queuing with music on hold, multiple employees answering one or more call queues, and basic reporting. Basic supervisor functions are also included.

The Basic Call Center Solution is comprised of features from the Hosted VoIP platform in addition to including agent and supervisor client applications. These features, when configured to work in a complementary fashion, provide your business with a feature-rich VoIP Call Center solution.

Hosted VoIP Headset
Key Components
The Small Business Call Center Solution includes all components from the Basic Call Center Solution, plus:

  • An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module, which guides your callers through self-service applications and/or gathers caller information in order to identify the best available agent
  • Computer telephone integration (CTI) to improve productivity by giving agents relevant and timely contact information, and integrate phone controls with your applications
  • Text-to-speech, providing dynamic information to your contacts by automatically converting text data into spoken words
  • Provision new toll-free, international toll-free and DID numbers, or migrate existing numbers for your inbound call center
  • Build sophisticated IVR applications that allow callers to create conference calls by calling additional phone numbers to add participants
  • Offer your callers an opportunity to leave voicemails for individual agents or the next best available agent
  • Enable agents to deliver a consistent message to contacts, with a web-based agent script tailored to the purpose of each call
  • Support virtual call center operations with a distributed workforce, flexible resource allocation, and new hiring models
  • Leverage our pre-built integrations to leading cloud-based CRM vendors such as
  • And more!

Small Business Call Center Solution

You have a small to mid-sized business that needs more advanced call queuing, music on hold, and manager or supervisor tools to manage the group(s) handling the inbound calls, including reporting, listening in on calls, and intercepting calls.

The Small Business Call Center Solution provides a more comprehensive feature set for your business if you demand a more advanced call center solution. Additional features, such as flexible routing to deliver calls to the appropriate agent based on hunting and availability rules, enable a more savvy call center appearance to the customers and potential customers calling into your business.

Hosted VoIP Headset
Key Components
  • Enable agents to deliver a consistent message to contacts, with a web-based agent script tailored to the purpose of each call
  • Database and CRM Integration with any ERP, CRM, or management applications through ActiveX components, web applet components, APIs, and drivers for all applications
  • A comprehensive set of modules for every role in your enterprise contact center, including an administration module, agent module, supervisor module, and contact center reporting module
  • Voicemail call back in addition to many multimedia features, including email call back, fax functions, compatibility with wall boards, and web chat text
  • A Hosted Predictive Dialer with predictive dialing, autodialer, progressive dialing, manual dialing or with the option to dial previously dialed records.
  • Automatic Call Distribution to quickly distribute inbound calls by using welcome menus and targeted announcements during waiting time.
  • Interactive Voice Response that communicates through automatic voice response menus, the internet, e-mail, XML, IP, chat and fax to boost your agents’ productivity by freeing up time to handle calls requiring more assistance.
  • Call Center Recording for monitoring and supporting your contact center operation by allowing you to assess and improve service levels, supervise management quality, and prove and detect fraud, payment promises, and proof of negotiations.
  • And more!

Enterprise Call Center Solution

You require a complex contact center solution for handling inbound and/or outbound calls, one or more supervisors overseeing your call center function, mid to high volume of calls, and advanced routing and reporting capabilities. You use Flat Rate or Metered Globalgig SIP Trunking to provide the calls to your Hosted Contact Center.

The Globalgig Enterprise Hosted Enterprise Call Center suite is a comprehensive contact center solution offering inbound, outbound, call blending, ACD, IVR, call recording, and more.

The CenterWare Enterprise Hosted Call Center suite touts a powerful contact center management module, which incorporates user-friendly features that allow supervisors and agents to easily master its applications through a graphically rich web environment. The CenterWare Call Center management module makes it easy for even a non-expert to administer the contact center.

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Our Specialties

Take control of your connectivity, increase your performance and expand your reach with Globalgig's solutions.

Wireless WAN

Global 4G LTE connectivity for failover and business continuity solutions, network access for remote and hard-to-reach locations, temporary connections for conferences, events and pop-up retail shops.

IoT & M2M Services

Connected devices are sensors are changing the business landscape. Simplify global networking for IoT & M2M applications. Our multi-carrier SIM card can bring things to life.

Mobile Broadband Connections

Global business travel is now simple and effortless with a mobile data connection that spans the entire globe so you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience and cost of international communications.

Business Voice

Our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking services adapt to the way you work, communicate and collaborate. Our business voice services support requirements for global calling and provisioning small-scale call centers.

Wireline Services

Comprehensive public and private networking services covering Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, switches, routers, virtual machines. Globalgig is uniquely positioned to integrate wireline network with wireless services to create innovative solutions.

Managed SD-Wan Services

We take a platform agnostic approach to SD-WAN design. We work with customers to develop their SD-WAN architecture without pre-conceived biases on the platform or network carriers. Globalgig leverages the customer’s network data and performance requirements to tailor-design the solution.

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