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The Sky Sports F1 team left Sky Studios in Osterley, West London, on Wednesday morning to drive to Spa-Francochamps in Belgium for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The team were accompanied by a Sky Sports News camera crew who filmed the journey and they used a Globalgig MiFi unit to give them mobile data in the UK, France and Belgium.

The Sky Sports News crew used the MiFi connected to a laptop to send FTP files, and connect to an I-Pad running the Dejero app to send live pictures from along the route.

The Globalgig MiFi unit meant that Sky Sports News didn’t incur expensive data roaming charges, or have to purchase local SIM cards in France and Belgium. They also didn’t have to worry when they got near the French/Belgian border if they’d slipped into a data roaming area without realising it. Globalgig allowed the crew to concentrate on broadcasting and not be distracted by the hunt for affordable data connections. Unlike many hotel and ‘free’ wifi hotspots Globalgig doesn’t block any ports. The MiFi unit had enough data that the crew didn’t have to worry about their usage.