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Helping customers connect their workforce and resources quickly during these challenging times

Fast Set-Up for Telecommuting and Data Access

Globalgig offers usage-based as well as unlimited wireless data plans in the U.S. to meet your business objectives. Options for pooling across SIMs are available and can be tailored to your needs. Data access and usage in multiple countries are combined with the same terms, on a single bill, drastically reducing management resources for negotiating multiple carrier contracts and invoicing in multiple currencies.

Telecommuting employee who is working from home
Telecommuting from home employee

Easy to Manage

Orchestra is Globalgig’s proprietary, API-based, mobile data management and intelligence platform. With a single pane of glass management, customers can access data plan subscriptions, usage, billing, and location data for each individual SIM. The Orchestra Portal gives customers the ability to optimize expenses by giving details on wireless data usage for each SIM/device. Powerful API extensibility gives administrators reduced points of management for IoT, fleet, and ERP software tools.

What can we help you with?

Wireless Broadband for Connecting Your Workforce and Resources

Globalgig provides wireless data access for fast connectivity world-wide. Leverage our service, including unlimited wireless options for your work-from-home employees, mobile applications and IoT solutions. With our service, enterprises have access to a single-pane-of-glass portal for managing SIMs, devices, data plans and usage.

Globalgig's Wireless Connectivity

With access to 200+ countries on a single SIM, we combine multiple carriers in each country so your devices always get the best possible coverage and service and all is managed from our online portal.


Know no boundaries with one SIM card that makes global connectivity incredibly easy

Orchestra SIM Management

The ultimate, API-based mobile data management and intelligence platform

Extensive Global Coverage

We combine multiple carriers in 200+ countries so you are always connected