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Globalgig Connect: Direct to OnNet Services Worldwide

Single Source for Global Network Connectivity with one provider, one support team and one invoice

Reducing Network Complexity with Ease

Global Connectivity Simplified

Globalgig Connect service can give businesses the benefit of quickly determining cost and connectivity options, reducing the complexity in delivering network access to end-user locations. With Globalgig Connect, businesses can expand into markets quickly and provision services for new applications without having to manage various vendors, contracts and supplier support organizations.


Direct to OnNet Service

Single Invoice

Customer Designed

Single Point of Contact

Hundreds of Networks

  • Public IP Services

    • IP Transit
    • Dedicated Internet Access
    • Broadband Internet Services
  • Private IP Services

    • MPLS
    • VPLS
    • Ethernet Private Line
  • Delivery Options

    • Copper/EoC
    • Fiber/Wavelengths
    • Cable/FTTX
    • Fixed Wirelines

Service Options

Flexibility For Global Multi-Site Businesses

IP Transit

Globalgig provides fast and reliable IP transit services for metro, national and international needs. We have existing global carrier partnerships and contracts to design and build the ideal solution for our partner’s clients. From order submission through final installation, Globalgig provides personal care from our team of provisioning project managers who serve as your one-point of contact through the entire service installation process, working with network carriers world-wide and global field technicians to ensure your customers’ services are delivered timely and accurately. Globalgig’s support infrastructure is built for the resilient, 24/7 needs of our global partners and our Network Operations Center is geo-diverse, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced staff, providing flexible, multi-tiered customer care.

Broadband & Dedicated Internet

Globalgig connects global enterprises in the way that best suits their business and budget. Our Internet services deliver the performance needed by mission-critical applications. Globalgig offers expertise in assessing user requirements and works to procure and provision the optimal service solution. Our network management and monitoring tools along with our knowledgeable network operations staff ensure your client’s broadband and dedicated Internet services perform as specified. Delivering global reach and a streamlined customer experience, Globalgig can easily connect your client’s locations anywhere in the world.

Private Networking

Today’s networking requirements demand high-bandwidth and high-performance to support enterprise applications like SD-WAN, data center connectivity for cloud computing and storage solutions. Globalgig’s private networking services provide the end-to-end network connectivity for all traffic types. Connecting locations efficiently and flexibly with bandwidth ranging from 1MB to 100GB. Our secured connectivity service delivers high-bandwidth and low latency for mission-critical applications required by enterprise customers.

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Proven Methodology for Solution Development

Network Transformation Process

Globalgig Connect simplifies the complexity around designing, installing, and managing global connectivity by utilizing a proven process or gathering requirements, exploring all the best options and designing the solution that best fits each customer.

  • Customer story
  • Site List
  • Throughput Requirements
  • Topology Requirements
  • Diversity Requirements
  • Spec MPLS, DIA, Broadband, Fixed Wireless and 4G/LTE connectivity options
  • Provide design and pricing showing last-mile diversity
  • Design review
  • Final design, pricing and contracting
  • Customer acceptance
  • Project kickoff
  • Installation, test and verification
  • Monitoring and management
  • Ongoing review for optimization and right-sizing

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