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Hosted VoIP Additional Services

These additional features and services are available to Globalgig Hosted VoIP customers.

    Fax Services

    Globalgig Fax Service provides all the advantages of traditional fax service with the ease and convenience of email. Retire your fax machine and all the extra costs that go with it.

    How does Globalgig Fax Service work?

    Incoming Faxes
    Customers & Partners fax directly to a standard 10-digit phone number.
    The document is routed to your email address and arrives as an attachment.
    Outgoing Faxes
    Attach and email your document to the unique address provided by Globalgig.
    The recipient receives the fax as normal on their standard fax line.

    International Calling & Numbers

    Now you can save money on all your calls, including international calls. Globalgig offers low international rates and does not charge connection fees for outbound calls.
    Need an international presence for your business?

    Globalgig can provide international phone numbers in many countries across the world. Contact us for more information on international phone numbers with your Globalgig VoIP services.

    Please note, international usage is based on a rate deck and is subject to change without notice. To protect against fraudulent calls, International Calling may be restricted by default. Feel free to reach out to our team and we would be happy to update your settings to allow calls to international regions.

    Call Recording & Advanced Reporting

    Track your sales team, train your employees, and gain insight on your business operations with Globalgig Call Recording and Advanced Reporting features.

    Globalgig Call Recording allows you to record calls on specific extensions or all seats within your organization. Recordings are stored in a Web Portal accessible 24/7 for you to playback, download, and delete as needed. Onboarding a new employee? Call Recording provides a useful aide in the training process, allowing managers to review employees’ calls and provide tips on customer interaction.

    Key Components

    Advanced Call Reporting offers a powerful web-based call reporting platform. Access raw Call Detail Records (CDRs) as well as additional reporting by extension or department. Need help? Our team is here to help you decipher the data and find the reports you really need. Advanced Reporting includes the following and more:

    • Summary reports
    • Call detail records
    • Department reports
    • Extension reports
    • Export your data to pdf, csv, etc.
    • Email your report data

    Contact us for more information on call recording and advanced reporting.

    The Best Way for Your Customers to Contact You

    The Enterprise Call Center boasts comprehensive, cutting-edge features for enterprise-level contact centers.

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