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Pandemic Preparedness at Globalgig

Business Continuity Summary Statement

At Globalgig, customers depend on us to build resilient and diverse networks, so continuity is in our DNA. We have a team of experienced business continuity experts and extensive experience in planning for and responding to global challenges. While it’s impossible to precisely predict what would happen in a global health pandemic, we expect it to have limited impact on our critical operations.

Since Globalgig operates globally, we are closely monitoring health outbreak developments via local staff and health authorities. Globalgig has executed plans to take the appropriate steps to continue to provide service, while considering and addressing the needs of our company, employees, and their families. No one can be certain of the extent and effects of a pandemic, but Globalgig is in a strong position for preparedness.

  • Our Team
    • Our company was built around telecommuting services and as a result, 100% of our employees seamlessly transitioned to a remote workforce
    • Globalgig policy during a pandemic is to close all offices, forbid physical interaction with co-workers and customers, discourage employees from utilizing all forms of public transportation, and encourage social distancing
    • Globalgig has a cross-functional team in place to allow the company to remain operational during a health pandemic
    • Globalgig has identified orders of succession and delegations of authority that are at least three-deep for each position in the organization
    • Our follow-the-sun Network Operations Center is a 100% telecommuting organization during a pandemic, enabling Globalgig to maintain continuity of customer service
    • We maintain close links with government and local health authorities for medical expert advice and guidance
  • Our Network
    • All business applications are hosted in geo-diverse data centers and cloud IaaS providers
    • We operate a cloud-based automated monitoring and maintenance function that can be managed from virtual office environments
    • We have extensive experience in building and at designing resilient networks, data centers and applications
    • Globalgig is committed to service quality. We offer a wide array of business continuity services designed to help facilitate the continuous operation and availability of customers’ critical business processes, applications, data, work centers, and networks
    • A variety of strategies and contingencies are planned, depending on type of function, location, and customer requirements

Globalgig understands network and applications reliability and disaster planning. Globalgig has a documented Business Continuity Plan which is reviewed every year. Maintaining our services is a highly automated function with the capability for remote management.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please email your account manager or [email protected]


Updated: 01-April-2020