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Increase network diversity and eliminate a single-point-of-failure by adding a wireless WAN connection for failover/backup. Wireless WAN is a ”must-have” when it comes to protecting your business. Don’t let a fibre or cable cut ever again shut down your point-of-sale and other mission-critical cloud-connected solutions.

Globalgig makes it easy with one complete service bundle – wireless WAN router, SIM, data plan, and network monitoring for one low monthly price.

Back-up Wireless WAN
What’s Included

- Peplink BR1 Mini LTEA
- 1GB data plan for UK & EU coverage
- Data usage can be pooled
- 24x7 monitoring
- Orchestra management portal

£30 SPIF per unit paid after collection of 1st invoice




for 24 months + £149 Activation Fee

£40 SPIF per unit paid after collection of 1st invoice




for 24 months + £199 Activation Fee

Requirements, Terms, & Conditions:

  • Promotional Period: Until June 30, 2022
  • Offer includes multi-net access in the UK and all EU countries, number of networks per country as well as the actual networks may vary
  • The offer is only available with dynamic IP address assignment.  No Public or private static address solutions are available at an additional charge
  • Overage is purchased by the gigabyte (GB).  Overage is £10.00 per GB.   
  • Deals with 5 units or less will require recurring credit card payment
  • Re-term and upgrade orders are not eligible 
  • There is no limit to the number of Failover Promotion orders a partner can submit. 
  • All orders will be reviewed and validated by the Globalgig incentive team to ensure all eligibility requirements are satisfied 
  • Channel Partners will be paid at the Master Agent level through the standard commission process 
  • Standard commission rates apply in addition to this incentive 
  • This incentive cannot be combined with any other channel incentives or Promotions 
  • Program Changes: Globalgig may modify, suspend, amend or terminate this Promotion at any time and without prior notice or consent by participants. Globalgig specifically reserves the right to change the Promotion in a manner that may modify or eliminate the amount of monetary rewards that may otherwise be payable under this Promotion. To be effective, any modification, suspension, or amendment of this Promotion must be authorized in writing by the Globalgig Channel Chief or his/her designee.