SIM Management Across Multiple Carriers

Nov 20, 2018


One of the biggest challenges of managing global wireless connectivity is transparency. Devices, data plans, data usage is often collected from a myriad of network carrier portals, giving administrators incompatible data formats and inconsistent usage data. The complexity of managing multiple vendor globally also presents problems with language and currency, not to mention the multitude of data plans. Globalgig simplifies SIM management with its API-based Orchestra SIM Management platform. The Orchestra SIM management platform is available to

Globalgig customers who require subscription, SIM and device management.

Orchestra – Globalgig’s SIM Management Solution

Orchestra enables customers to manage all end-user devices and data plans from a single pane of glass. At the top level, the Orchestra dashboard displays the current month’s activity for subscriptions, SIMs and usage by plan. There is also a Total Usage Breakdown that shows the overall total usage for the past 6 months.

Globalgig’s Orchestra SIM management portal gives administrators the access to the Subscriptions Overview, the hub for all your businesses data Subscription information. Administrators now has the ability to do a quick search for a subscription or end-user to view of how the current month is going for the each SIM/device. Admin users also have the powerful ability to suspend and re-activate suspended services from the portal. The SIM management portal is intuitive and easy to use, providing an easy-to-navigate toolbar for filtering data subscription by status, quickly getting to SIMS/devices/users that are active, suspended, ended and/or autobarred.

SIM Management Globally

Globalgig’s SIM Management platform is designed for its multi-country SIM, so it enables administers to drill down to view SIM usage data organised by a specified date range, then view the usage by date and country. A month-by-month glance at all data subscriptions that have had usage is also available. Email alerts are also available based on usage amounts.

Finally, the SIM Card Overview functions as a administrative hub for all SIM card information. Administrators has the ability assign an Unactivated SIM card to either an existing data usage subscription or create a new subscription with the SIM details.

Fully Supported SIM Management Services

Globalgig has a support team on hand to assist businesses with SIM Management. PDF documents for troubleshooting is also available via our SIM Management portal. Are you ready to be Hyperconnected with the Globalgig SIM with our global SIM management capabilities? Click on Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day to guide you through what Globalgig can provide for your global wireless connectivity and SIM management needs.