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Avoid the High Cost of Network Downtime

The average business will suffer from 15 hours of IT/network downtime per year, causing direct financial impact. Just a few minutes of network downtime can create a ripple effect across the entire company’s operations. A Globalgig wireless failover solution allows you to:

• STAY CONNECTED to your most important cloud based services,
point-of-sale, Inventory, and CRM.
• STAY IN TOUCH with your customers, keep your VoIP phones
• STAY CALM, Globalgig gives you access to the most reliable
wireless networks in the US, ensuring your failover will engage
when you need it.

Globalgig makes it easy with one complete service
bundle – wireless WAN router, SIM, data plan and network
monitoring for one low monthly price.

What’s Included*

• Unlimited Wireless Data with No Overage Charges
• 24x7 monitoring
• Orchestra management portal

*Can only be purchased when sold as part of a 36-month term, Globalgig Wired WAN service in the U.S. for 10 circuits or more.

Predictability and Peace-of-Mind From Globalgig

Globalgig’s Unlimited Wireless Failover promotion is bundled with a managed wireless router to provide the ideal solution for business continuity. In the event of a service outage on the Globalgig provided wired WAN link, Globalgig’s managed router will automatically and seamlessly switch over to the wireless broadband connection, keeping your network in service and your offices, employees and customers online. Unlike traditional failover solutions that provides two wireline circuits, Globalgig’s Unlimited Wireless Failover service bypasses physical disruptions that can knock out cable, DSL, and T1 lines to provide true WAN path diversity. The unlimited wireless failover keeps monthly expenses predictable without large overage charges.

Promotional Period

Orders accepted through Jun 30 2022 | © 2021 Globalgig. Globalgig is a trading brand of iGEM Communications.