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Globalgig Network Operations State of Emergency and Support

Many areas in the US are currently under States of Emergency.   The extreme weather conditions are causing damage to the electrical grid and energy providers have been mandated to institute rolling blackouts for all affected areas.  These conditions started on Sunday evening, and will likely continue through Friday (2/19/21).

Many states are experiencing outages in addition to performing rolling blackouts. This is producing a tremendous amount of alarming/alerting load with all service providers’ support teams. Globalgig and our Partner providers are addressing these service failures as best as possible, however, we are constrained on the resolution until power issues are resolved.

Here are our suggestions and guiding principles during this emergency:

  • Globalgig will open a ticket when we are aware of a circuit failure, but if the asset is in any location that is below freezing temps or in a declared State of Emergency (United States except for the Carolina’s, Florida, Arizona, and Southern California), action is minimal until that area stabilizes.
  • We are focusing our support efforts on TSP coded circuits that are typically attached to Healthcare, Emergency Services, and Critical Infrastructure (gas pipelines, hospital networks, etc.).
  • If a circuit or service that you are following up on resides in any of the areas of the United States that are under a State of Emergency, please understand that updates may be delayed until the State of Emergency is lifted, and the power grid returns to normal operating conditions.
  • Please rely on email to [email protected] if you are submitting a NON-SEVERITY 1 issue as our call volume is 4X normal, and some of our staffing is affected by the same crippling weather conditions.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this national weather emergency together.  Globalgig is committed to providing the best service possible within these guidelines.

Be safe, stay warm, and we hope everything returns to normal operating conditions very soon.