4G LTE Backup Internet Solutions

Nov 21, 2018


Ensure your business is always online with a 4G LTE backup Internet connection from Globalgig, providing secondary or redundant connectivity with an automatic failover over so critical systems are always online and connected.

Today’s businesses are increasingly implementing systems in the cloud from Office 365 to cloud-based CRM, ERP, Inventory, POS, hosted VoIP and other mission-critical applications? The more applications your business has in the cloud, the more your business will need a solid business continuity solution.

Redundant 4G LTE Backup Internet Solutions

Businesses that depend on cloud-based solutions should consider redundant connectivity from multiple carriers as well as path diversity. With each generation of wireless technology delivering higher bandwidth, companies are electing to leverage a mix of wired and wireless connections for business continuity Globalgig offers both. Most wireline carriers will experience an outage occasionally, but with redundant 4G LTE backup connectivity, your router can be configured to automatically and seamlessly switch from your primary connection to your Globalgig 4G LTE Backup Internet connection until your wireline service is back up and running, ensuring that your business is always connected with a failover Backup solution.

Whether or not your business has a high-percentage of cloud-based application, your network connectivity should have redundancy and path diversity. Globalgig’s 4G LTE Backup Internet services will ensure that you are always connected. And we will make sure your wireline services are integrated with the wireless back-up connection to deliver a flexible and dependable business continuity solution.

Globalgig ensures that our customers’ network connectivity is always online and available. We assist each customer from network design to service delivery, helping businesses determine the best redundant Internet connectivity and configuration.

Globalgig is currently working with businesses like yours and have successfully configured their backup connectivity while lowering their telecom spend. Click to Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.