Connectivity for IoT (Internet of Things)

Nov 21, 2018


Today’s IOT implementations are still more of an art than science.   One key consideration for businesses as well as IoT solution providers looking to develop and implement IoT solutions is to establish an eco-system of partners from devices to connectivity, management, monitoring, data analysis, reporting, as no one company does it all.

The IoT industry has been slowing evolving and it has taken time and focus for companies to understand what IOT can mean for their business.  Although IoT has been referenced as a disruptive technology, a company must focus on the core benefits that IoT applications can provide and align with the appropriate industry partners to develop solutions that meet business goals.  In most cases, developing IoT applications will mean be new business and partner relationships including connectivity for the IoT devices.

Globalgig Wireless Connectivity for IoT Solutions

IoT and M2M applications encompass many protocols and technologies, but the networking for IoT solutions remains the same – continual access to IoT devices for the transmission of critical data.  Globalgig makes connecting to IoT devices easy. Its multi-country SIM can provide wireless connectivity for IoT communications globally in over 200 countries.  The Globalgig SIM enables local wireless data access through its connection to over 600 carriers, significantly reducing roaming charges.  Wireless service gives IoT solution developers uninterrupted connectivity, providing the flexibility and scalability to deploy devices in hard to reach locations. Wireless connectivity also provides the mobility required for IoT networking where IoT devices are mobile, moving across countries and borders.

Globalgig has experience working with IoT solution developers and businesses implementing networks for IoT solutions.  Providing connectivity for IoT communications globally with the Globalgig multi-country SIM can streamline application development, implementation and management.  Click to Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.