Dedicated Internet Solutions

Nov 20, 2018


If you’re looking for a dedicated Internet service provider in the U.S. or if you have global locations, Globalgig has the service packages your business needs to grow. We offer a wide range of service plans to meet the needs of any business, large or small. Globalgig can get your business up and running with fast, reliable Internet solutions in as little as one day.

Best Dedicated Internet Service Provider

When you choose Globalgig as your dedicated Internet service provider, you’re getting more than just maximum high-speed, reliable connectivity. Your business receives our expertly trained installation team that will have your service in full swing faster than the competition. Pick the service plan you need now, and when your company expands, select the next level bandwidth that’s right for you. Globalgig makes it easy for your business to stay connected.

We’re proud to offer both wireline and wireless services to our clients; we know you expect your dedicated Internet service to keep your business up and running without unnecessary outages and downtimes. Having both wireline and wireless service capabilities, Globalgig is one of the few managed solutions providers that offers a secondary redundant Fixed Mobile solution for failover, keeping your business connected 100% of the time.

Being competitive and improving customer service are crucial to your business success. You need a competitive advantage to drive business growth and performance. Globalgig understands the way you do business is constantly changing. This means your communications technologies also need to easily adapt to change. With Globalgig. you can have your wireline and redundant wireless service all from one company, simplifying billing and customer support. Having a single partner for all your network needs can simplify your operations, streamline invoicing and lower cost.

Our business will grow with you; when you need to increase your bandwidth or add other services and solutions, Globalgig offers easy, cost-effective solutions to add capacity in a timely and efficient manner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – Click to Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account advisor will contact you within one business day.