Smart SIM Solutions for Businesses

Nov 21, 2018


Looking for a smart SIM solution with extensive global network coverage for your wireless WAN, IoT applications and/or travelling employees? Globalgig’s smart SIM solution offer business class-leading technology, and flexible data plans to fit a wide-spectrum of business requirements.

Globalgig’s smart SIM solutions offer instant data connectivity to hard-to-reach office location when fixed wireline solutions are not available Globalgig’s smart SIM solutions enable businesses to have network access globally through wireless routers or MiFi devices, allowing one person to connect on their own or multiple devices connected to the mobile hotspot containing the Globalgig SIM. Travelling team members can share a secure wireless connection via the Globalgig SIM to the corporate network, eliminating the need for wireless data access via unsecured public WiFi networks.

Globalgig’s 4G LTE Smart SIM Solutions are ideal for:

  1. Temporary Offices
  2. Mobile Offices
  3. Remote Offices

Getting day one connection to a new temporary, mobile or remote site can be an important step in getting your business up and running. Any business that needs access to their central databases and systems can benefit from getting started on day one with Globalgig’s Smart SIM Solutions. Globalgig offers solutions for perfect for any industry that needs “off-the-grid” connectivity such as Oil and Gas, Construction, Military and Defense, Real Estate, Restaurant and Retail, Conventions and Seminars, and many more.

Smart SIM 3G/4G LTE Solutions for Business Travelers

Multi-country Smart SIM Solutions for Traveling Abroad: Globalgig’s Smart SIM Card contains multiple IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) that will determine the appropriate wireless network to utilize, giving Globalgig customers secured network connectivity while traveling abroad, across multiple countries borders. The Globalgig SIM automatically detects where you are located, selects the right profile to connect to the local wireless network and secures your wireless connection, allowing you or your staff to continue to work whilst traveling.

Globalgig is currently working with businesses like yours and have successfully expanded their office capabilities with our Smart SIM solutions while lowering their wireless data spend. Click to Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.