Wireless WAN Solutions

Nov 20, 2018


Wireless WAN services can be deployed as the ideal primary network connection for field offices or remote locations that are inaccessible by wireline networks. Many rural and remote locations cannot get terrestrial services or wired circuits are extremely expensive and has long installation timeframes, up to 6 months to deliver network connections. Primary wireless WAN solutions can be deployed quick, delivering day-1 network connectivity, saving time and cost for businesses.

Another use case for wireless services as primary connectivity is for locations where network access is needed for lower bandwidth applications such as point of sale locations, kiosks and ATMs. Primary wireless WAN solution use cases also include temporary connections for conferences and events, training sessions and seminars.

Wireless WAN solutions are also being increasingly deployed as part of business continuity solutions. Wireless WAN can provide the scalable and flexible failover network connectivity for business continuity solution because wireless WAN services provide a true diverse path for terrestrial connections, a cost effective backup for mission-critical applications. In the event of an unplanned outage, a router with wireless WAN service can provide rapid disaster recovery response. After the primary connection is restored, the wireless failover connection can remain in place to provide backup connectivity with automatic failover to ensure there is no loss of services that would impact revenue.

Global Wireless WAN Solutions 

Globalgig is a global MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Our multi-carrier SIM card is designed to provide Wireless WAN solutions in over 200 countries. The Globalgig SIM can establish local connections to over 600 wireless carriers, providing local access and avoid high roaming charges. Take advantage of the Globalgig wireless WAN services for your primary as well as failover solutions. If you’re ready to be hyperconnected with the Globalgig SIM for global wireless WAN solutions, click on Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.