iOS APN Settings

When installing our Globalgig SIM, some iOS devices and OS versions don’t allow you to access the APN settings within your device. Please follow the instructions below to apply the Globalgig APN settings.

Please open this web page in Safari on the device in which the Globalgig SIM is inserted and click on the button below to download the APN configuration file.

Download & Install

  1. Please press Download & Install
  2. A pop up will  ask if you want to allow this? Click Allow
  3. A pop up will instruct you to go to your Settings app. Click Close
  4. Open the Settings App
  5. Click on General
  6. Scroll down and click on Profile
  7. Click on RH
  8. Click on More Details
  9. Enter your Passcode if Prompted
  10. Click Install in the top right
  11. Click Done in the top right

APN settings are vital to being able to use our Broadband SIM wherever you are
Device manufacturers frequently update their settings – the files above ensure that you have the correct APN settings for your device and operating system.

You can download a step-by-step guide here.