SIM Management

One Platform and Provider, Comprehensive SIM Choices

As remote work increases, enterprises and employees are increasingly dependent on reliable connectivity to key business applications. IoT devices require high-quality network connections to deliver on their business value, even in the most remote locations. Globalgig keeps the global workforce connected. We enable people and machines to connect ubiquitously and seamlessly worldwide, with our industry-leading SIM management platform and the broadest choice in SIMs.

Orchestra – Globalgig’s Powerful and Easy-to-Use SIM Management Platform

Orchestra is Globalgig’s SIM management platform, providing a powerful and user-friendly solution for managing mobile usage. The software-as-a-service platform offers diverse reporting capabilities, including data plan subscriptions, usage by SIM (by day and country), billing and location data by SIM, and more, all with advanced filtering tools and interactive graphical data analysis.

With Orchestra, customers can optimize expenses by gaining detailed wireless data usage for each SIM or device. The platform also offers API integration, simplifying management of IoT, fleet, and ERP software tools and reducing the number of management points required.

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A SIM for Every Purpose

As a global Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Globalgig provides wireless data connectivity in more than 200 countries, leveraging over 600 mobile networks. With multiple SIM card types, including eSIMs, Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) SIMs, single-IMSI roaming SIM cards, and single-IMSI local SIM cards, we can address most use cases.

With Globalgig SIMs, customers have access to 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, and narrowband NB-IoT & LTE-M services. Our full suite of rate plans and IP services enables global businesses and partners to create innovative and customized wireless connectivity solutions.


Whether you are moving from country to country or arriving at your final destination for the first time, the Globalgig eSIM delivers your SIM credentials digitally within a few seconds of activating your device. Once inserted, Globalgig’s eSIM provides seamless connectivity anywhere in the world. In the event of disconnection from your current carrier, Globalgig’s eSIM service assurance feature can move you to an alternate network.

Globalgig’s eSIM offering is fully integrated with its Orchestra SIM management platform, enabling customers to securely and remotely change profiles and locations, and easily manage connectivity over the lifecycle of the device. The eSIM solution is designed to work with any IoT and M2M device that supports bearer-independent protocol (BIP).


Globalgig provides multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) SIMs that allow users to access mobile networks around the world via a single provider. The multi-IMSI SIM detects the country in which it is being used and automatically selects the correct IMSI to use without requiring any user or server interaction, making it easy for users to travel and stay connected.

Key Features

  • One SIM with access to 600+ carriers
  • 200+ country footprint
  • Instant data connectivity
  • Flexible and customizable data plans with data sharing and pooling across carriers
  • Static IP (private or public) and private (secure) networking

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