Hosted PBX

An Enterprise PBX Built for a New Era of Business

The business world has changed dramatically in the past few years. Many companies have transitioned to hybrid or fully remote work environments, prompting the need for advanced communication solutions to support this new way of working. Hosted PBX from Globalgig delivers the advanced calling features and functionality that businesses need to keep employees productive and customers satisfied.

Flexible Workplace, Full Functionality

Optimize your telephony system with Hosted PBX. The service offers a full range of enterprise calling features, including call transfer, voicemail, music on hold, enhanced call routing, and unified messaging. Hosted PBX gives employees more control and mobility with a single contact number they can use across offices and devices, and the ability to manage calling preferences through the portal. Features like voicemail-to-email allow your team to check voicemail from their inbox, ensuring they stay on top of important messages while on the go.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Ditch the expensive equipment associated with an on-site PBX. With phone services delivered from the cloud, you can move your telephony from a capital expenditure to a much lower operational expense. Take advantage of flexible monthly calling plans and national and international calling plans for conferences and events, helping you cut costs and better predict your spending.

Keep Customers Happy

Customer service has become a critical differentiator for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage. We help you to optimize customer experience with a phone system that delivers advanced feature functionality. Our Auto Attendant lets you greet callers via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that helps them reach the right person or department quickly and easily. Hunt Groups ensure that multiple extensions are rung simultaneously or in succession, so calls are answered promptly, reducing wait times for customers. These features help to streamline customer service and make it easier to reach the right person, enhancing your customers’ overall satisfaction with your business.

Hosted PBX Features

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Hosted PBX Supported Phones

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Key Features

  • Multiple locations, one phone service – Deliver a unified communication experience for satellite offices and hybrid and remote employees
  • Significant cost savings through cloud-based telephony and flexible calling plans
  • Improved customer experience with intelligent routing and shorter hold times
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity with tools like call recording for training excellence.
  • Easy and scalable – Provision instantly and add or remove seats to keep pace with business needs, without the hassle and expense of using outside contractors

Comprehensive Call Center Solutions

We support a variety of call center implementations, from small business to enterprise. All of our call center options include a wide range of features such as auto attendant, call recording, music on hold, automatic call distribution (ACD) for intelligent routing and queuing, and more. To learn more about call center services, contact us today.


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