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Connecting Employees or Mobile Offices Anywhere in the World

Fast, reliable, and secured data access for global operations


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Global Mobile Broadband Connectivity

Mobile employees, mobile and temporary offices need fast, reliable and secured data access on the go. Globalgig’s SIM with data access in 200+ countries is ideal for broadband connections locally, across the country or internationally.

Why Globalgig?

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Access to multiple networks per country, ensuring more reliable broadband connections

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Orchestra SIM Management

The ultimate API based mobile data management and intelligence platform

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Extensive Global Coverage

We combine multiple carriers in 200+ countries ensuring that you are always connected


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Extensive Global Coverage

Employees can install the Globalgig SIM in mobile devices to maintain connectivity in temporary, off-site or client locations, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for WiFi zones or buying local SIMs. Using the Globalgig SIM to connect to the corporate network also reduces the risk of network security from public WiFi access.

Globalgig’s SIM can be used in any 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE enabled device. Globalgig can also supply personal WiFi hotspot devices that enable a user to connect multiple devices, laptops or tablets as they would with a public WiFi hotspot but with the added security of automatically controlling the connection.

Making Global Connectivity Incredibly Easy.

Globalgig provides wireless data connectivity in more than 200 countries. Globalgig’s proprietary Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) SIM card contains patented technology that enables subscribers to use their Globalgig SIM card anywhere across their home country and countries all over the world.

Advantages of the Globalgig SIM and Multi-IMSI SIM

Globalgig | Enterprise Communications
Operates in temporary, off-site or client locations
Globalgig | Enterprise Communications
Reduce the risk of network security from public WiFi access
Globalgig | Enterprise Communications
Know no boundaries with one global SIM card that makes global connectivity incredibly easy
Globalgig | Enterprise Communications
Eliminates the inconvenience of searching for WiFi zones, or buying local SIMs
Globalgig | Enterprise Communications
Decrease the high cost of data roaming
• Globally – $67 billion+ annual cost on mobile services while roaming
• $ 17 billion+ spent on alternative connectivity
Globalgig | Enterprise Communications
The Globalgig Multi-IMSI SIM has a built-in application with the logic to automatically select the most appropriate carrier, no reliance on servers or the user, IMSI selection is automatic.
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Globalgig Orchestra Client Portal

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End Users Management
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Globalgig Mobility Use Cases

Global Traveler

Providing British athletics with secured mobile connections at global athletics events

Globalgig is proud to be the official supplier of global mobile data services for British Athletics, providing mobile data communications across 82 destinations world-wide.

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Mobile Broadband

Leading provider of breakdown services in the UK improves communications to their mobile workforce

Globalgig Mobile Broadband service with access to multiple network operators ensures a highly-skilled mobile workforce is always connected and performs their services more efficiently.

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Mobile Broadband
& Wireless WAN

Delivering secured, high-performance wireless WAN services for retail and mobile dental care

Globalgig delivers wireless private networking capabilities connecting the customer’s retail locations and mobile service units globally.

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Complete Suite of Offerings for Mobile Solutions

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Device Hardware

Offering industry-leading wireless hardware with installation and on-going management services

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Custom Data Bundles

Globalgig can customize your data plans from individual data to a shared pool

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Static/Fixed IP Connection

From Globalgig-provided wireless service to customer’s network or datacenter