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Full Suite of Enterprise-Grade Voice Communications

From SIP trunking to hosted PBX and POTS replacement delivered by
our knowledgeable staff of voice experts


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Why Globalgig?

We offer a full suite of voice options to support global business


Global Reach

Achieve end-to-end voice connectivity through Globalgig’s international coverage

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Extensive Carrier Connectivity

Connected to over 150+ telecommunication carriers with the ability to optimize call routing and provide resilient voice network architecture

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Private Network

Superior performance and call quality on Globalgig’s private network

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Multiple Access Methods

Public and private network technologies – private line, ethernet, MPLS

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Enterprise Focused Solutions

- SIP Trunking
- Hosted PBX
- Cloud IVR, Auto-Attendant & Call Center
- POTS Replacement

Global SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks combine your voice and data networks, eliminating the hassle of combined PRI/analog systems and isolated systems across multiple locations of the same company.

Reducing the complexity of multiple providers, trunks and PBXs. Simplify processes, especially for firms with multiple sites, by combining voice and data in one hub Improved business continuity due to managing voice systems on large-capacity data network.

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Hosted PBX Solutions

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Excellent price/value with small office bundles and large office over-subscription pricing model

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Feature rich with over 50 mission critical features, with emphasis on mobility and unified communications

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Constructed on industry leading platforms

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Run on highly redundant hardened server environment with site redundancy

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Implemented by a highly experienced service provisioning team

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Easily compatible with Globalgig LTE for “protected voice” and other Globalgig services

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Replace Expensive POTS Lines With Wireless or VoIP Systems

Major telecommunications companies today are rapidly retiring their analog POTS lines as aging copper infrastructure is increasingly more expensive to maintain. Providers like AT&T and Verizon are starting to eliminate support for landlines. Promising a full phase-out, Verizon filed a request with the FCC to retire copper wires, retiring the maintenance and support of POTS lines. These network providers are also raising prices significantly to drive customers to migrate to new digital technologies.

Our Complete Suite of POTS Replacement Services

Globalgig provides enterprise-grade solutions for POTS line replacement. Our full suite of services can convert all types of existing POTS lines with next-generation technologies such as VoIP and cellular. Service options for POTS line replacement are available for voice, fax, point of sales terminals, as well as fire panels and elevator emergency lines. Whether using VoIP or Cellular technology to replace POTS lines, the monthly cost savings can be significant.

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Full Range of Voice Services to Support Migration

Complete Solution

From domestic and international toll-free numbers to international Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and number porting, Globalgig offers a full slate voice services

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Project Management

Globalgig’s team of experts will support all aspects of the migration project from end-to-end to ensure smooth voice service delivery

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24x7 Support

World-class support with geo-diverse customer support centers and industry leading platforms to deliver the most responsive customer care

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