Wireless Broadband

Connect Without Limitations

Enterprise networking boundaries often extend beyond traditional wireline or Wi-Fi capabilities. Globalgig's Wireless Broadband service unleashes the power of wireless with affordable, always-on 5G connectivity. Replace traditional broadband with a complete solution, including wireless service and optional equipment, for fast and reliable data access. Ideal as a standalone connection or as part of your SD-WAN service, Wireless Broadband extends the reach of your network.

Addressing Complex Networking Requirements

With Wireless Broadband you can:

  • Reach remote and inaccessible locations such as pop-up offices, mining, oil rigs, construction sites, and more.
  • Provide temporary or mobile connectivity for conferences and events, enrollment offices, or mobile point-of-sale.
  • Deploy immediate connectivity when your business cannot wait for standard wired installation intervals.
  • Keep employees connected at temporary, off-site or client locations, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for Wi-Fi zones or buying local SIMs.

The service can also be used for locations with lower bandwidth needs, such as kiosks and ATMs.

Cost-effective and Flexible

We offer a variety of affordable data bundles, as well as customized data plans, to meet unique business needs. There are no restrictions on data, daily allowances, or throttling. Wireless Broadband provides options for shared data buckets and pooling of diverse carrier SIMs, and can be custom-designed. Enterprises can leverage our relationships with 600+ global carriers worldwide and avoid roaming charges by using one provider and SIM card.

A Comprehensive, Complete Solution

Globalgig offers a full suite of SIM options that can be used in LTE and 5G-enabled devices. We can provide industry-leading wireless routers with the service for one low monthly charge. Wireless Broadband can be quickly deployed in days, versus months in comparison to traditional broadband internet. With Wireless Broadband, remote workers can connect multiple devices, laptops, or tablets, as they would with a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Simple and Efficient

Globalgig simplifies global wireless carrier management. As your single worldwide wireless provider, we offer pooling of data across countries and carriers on a single bill, eliminating the need to deal with multiple contracts and currencies. With our Orchestra SIM management platform, you can easily manage your SIM inventory, review invoices, and analyze usage. Let us take the complexity out of global wireless connectivity so you can focus on your business.

Wireless Broadband: The Globalgig Difference

Extensive Global Coverage

Relationships with 600+ carriers in 200+ countries ensure you always stay connected

Inclusive Plans

Optimize your usage with custom plans that support shared, pooled, and pay-as-you-go options across countries and carriers.

Leading Hardware Partnerships

Choose from 4G and 5G vendor equipment from Cradlepoint, Peplink, Teltonika, and more.

Orchestra SIM Management

Our ultimate, API-based SIM management and intelligence platform.

Corporate Billing Options

Simple and streamlined for easy management. Customize your bill to simplify invoice processing and reconciliation.

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