Managed Network Services

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Network management is shifting dramatically. It’s no longer just about keeping devices up and running; it’s about creating a service-centric network supporting your goals. We understand that network issues can be more than just inconveniences; they can impact your business continuity and revenue.

Eliminate the Noise, Focus on Business Success

Our Managed Network Services (MNS) are designed to seamlessly integrate with your business, ensuring your network isn’t just up and available; it’s proactively fine-tuning and driving intelligent, seamless operation. We collaboratively support you, from network design to monitoring to evolving configuration, making your network work for you and protecting your team’s time to focus on your top priorities. And, with our Orchestra Insight management platform, we elevate MNS from simply monitoring “boxes and wires” to a transformative experience, empowering your network to become a strategic asset for achieving your business goals.

Network Intelligence for Unparalleled Performance

Orchestra Insight is more than network monitoring – it’s actionable network intelligence. Our site-level monitoring framework exposes which network events impact users and clarifies what you need to communicate to keep those users informed. With contextualized monitoring and customizable dashboards, you have the power to dial in the granularity, allowing you to fully understand network availability, risk and health, and the impact to application performance. It’s the level of detail you need, when you need it, exactly how you want it, in the format that works best for you.

With Orchestra Insight, you can control every aspect of your network – whether it’s wireless services, SD-WAN, or tracking your network inventory. Orchestra Insight helps you manage the network assets, events, and notifications to narrow your focus to only what matters. It combines the data and insight for complete command of your network.

Basics, Done Better

Distributed enterprise networks are increasingly dynamic and complex. Managed Network Services are not just about managing your network; it’s about enhancing your business’s agility and focus. With complete network and device management, including configuration, monitoring, and support, you can focus on your business. Through the power of co-management, you maintain complete control and visibility while expanding your team’s expertise and capabilities to keep your network running at optimal levels, 24×7. Our MNS solution lets you shift the focus from technical network management to strategic business initiatives.

Leading Expertise and Support

Your MNS is delivered by experienced network technicians who proactively monitor your network and devices. Combining cost-effective network, hardware, and software support with flexible equipment solutions to streamline your network operations, planning, and upgrades. Our Service Advantage Team is staffed with experienced engineers who will partner with your team to deliver expert support for SD-WAN, voice, MPLS, and more, helping to scale your network to meet future needs.

Our managed network services are all about making your life easier – think of us as an extension of your team, bringing additional skills and knowledge to keep your network delivering reliably and your business thriving and growing.

Welcome to stress-free, super-efficient network management!

The Globalgig Difference

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Business Service Framework

Focus on your site-level user experience. A holistic view shifting from device-centric to service-centric insights and management.

drive intelligent decisions icon
Drive Intelligent Decisions

Shift away from the noise of frequent, unqualified notifications to streamlined intelligence. Triage network performance based on comprehensive information, all in a single incident ticket.

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Fine-Tune Your Network

We proactively troubleshoot and fix issues seamlessly, avoiding service-impacting outages while ensuring you have complete visibility along the way.

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Drill Down Into Escalations

Receive comprehensive ticket data, including point-in-time availability, health and risk assessments, as well as visibility for individual network components contextualizing and correlating performance.

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Comprehensive Managed Network Services, One Partner

Comprehensive managed network services, one partner: Enjoy a single portal view and one point of contact for your entire network, with seamless service across your global carriers and hardware partners.

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Integrated Device Support

Receive complete support based on business requirements, including ongoing device maintenance, firmware upgrades, and software patches.

Comprehensive Support, Delivered Simply

Select from a choice of service tiers to address the level of network management your business needs – from supporting straightforward circuit monitoring to comprehensive enterprise connectivity. Our team meets your team on the journey of co-management, no matter where you are.

Proactive Wireline Circuit Monitoring & Ticketing
Proactive wireline circuit monitoring, notification, and trouble resolution
Circuit availability metrics
Circuit inventory 
Real-time dashboard
Historical reporting
Business Service Insights & Hardware Monitoring
Proactive wireless circuit monitoring, notification, and trouble resolution
Ticket correlation/enrichment 
Hardware availability metrics
Hardware health metrics
Hardware inventory 
Priority Support & Resiliency
Configuration/moves, adds and changes
Firmware updates, patching & vulnerability management
Liaison for vendor technical assistance
Hardware repair/replacement 
Direct access to Service Advantage Team ✓*
Wireless out-of-band management capability ✓*
Enhanced Mean Time to Resolution SLA ✓*
*Does not apply to standalone wireless or broadband service

Service Advantage Team

As networking is critical to business operations, every second of downtime equates to lost revenue and productivity. That’s why you need the power of our Service Advantage Team.


  • A team dedicated to Managed Services customers (Plus and Premier tiers)
  • Direct access to Tier-3 engineering staff for technical support and trouble resolution
  • Staffed by experienced network engineers who know your network
  • Dedicated resources for escalation
  • Personalized support for your customized solution
  • Enhanced reporting as defined within Managed Network Services

Professional Services

Because there are always unforeseen needs, Globalgig also provides professional services that's available on an hourly or project basis. Our professional services team can supplement client staff with services such as changes to non-standard protocols, advanced device configuration, network redesign/optimization, ect. Typical professional services include:

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