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Global Connectivity Simplified

Eliminate the hassles of managing multiple carriers, contracts, invoices and support


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Reduce Network Complexity with Ease

Our services and support organizations have been created specifically for the global enterprise Integration of wireline networks with wireless services creating innovative solutions. Offering comprehensive solutions covering Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, switches, routers and virtual machines.

Support Global Requirements

With a wide range of both wireline and wireless connectivity services, Globalgig has the capabilities to deploy network services world-wide. From market expansion projects to business continuity and new cloud-based applications, Globalgig works closely with businesses to fulfill their requirements.

Direct to OnNet Service

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Flexibility For Any Global Multi-Site Business

Broadband and Dedicated Internet

Globalgig connects global enterprises in the way that best suits their business and budget. Our Internet services deliver the performance needed by mission-critical applications.

IP Transit

Globalgig provides fast and reliable IP transit services for metro, national and international needs. We have existing global carrier partnerships and contracts to design and build the ideal solution for our partner’s clients, from order submission through final installation.

Private Networking

Today’s networking requirements demand high-bandwidth and high-performance to support enterprise applications like SD-WAN, data center connectivity for cloud computing and storage solutions. Globalgig’s private networking services provide the end-to-end network connectivity for all traffic types.

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Wireless WAN & Failover Solution for Business Continuity

Global Wireless Connectivity with 200+ Country Coverage

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Fixed Location Wireless WAN

Fast installation for wireless WAN for primary connectivity and day-1 network connectivity

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Wireless Failover for Business Continuity

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime, avoid the high cost of network downtime

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Remote and Mobile Office

Instant wireless connectivity for temporary, mobile and remote locations

Included Monitoring With Every Globalgig Circuit

Our redundant NOCs ensure service continuity for enterprise-grade customer care for both wireless or wireline services. Service level options are available.


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Trouble ticket resolution
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ICMP ping for monitoring status of broadband services from Globalgig end-point monitoring systems
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SNMP for monitoring status of DIA services from Globalgig end-point monitoring systems
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Wireless monitoring if terminated to a Globalgig managed wireless device
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Portal access for up/down status

Managed Network Services Available Across all Carrier Platforms

Our managed services are delivered by experienced network technicians that proactively monitor the network and ticket management. Providing cost effective hardware and software support with flexible CPE solutions, Globalgig’s Managed Services delivers the single point of support for your global network and deployed devices. Our redundant NOCs ensures service continuity for enterprise-grade customer care for both wireless or wireline services.


24x7 hardware and circuit monitoring including WAN interfaces, LAN uplinks and physical interfaces on level 2 switches

Configuration & Management

Monitoring plus full device configuration and firmware management events and pop-up retail shops

Out of Band Management

Delivers management connectivity with a wireless connection when Primary circuits are not available