Wireless Networking

One wireless service to connect your business, anywhere and anytime

Wireless Networking offers complete wireless connectivity for primary networks, temporary connections, backup connectivity, failover, and out-of-band management access. The comprehensive service includes wireless LTE or 5G connectivity, along with a full suite of wireless devices and router hardware, as well as complete managed services options.

Globalgig offers customized data plans to meet your business needs. With our service, you never have to worry about usage restrictions, daily allowances, or throttling. Your data can be used across countries and carriers without any limitation to a single provider. Plus, with everything included on a single bill, you can drastically reduce the management resources needed to handle multiple carrier contracts and invoicing in multiple currencies.

Wireless Failover

Wireless Failover offers diverse and redundant connectivity in the event of a primary internet connection failure. In case of an outage, the service will automatically switch over to the wireless broadband connection and switch back to the primary connection once it’s restored. We can customize the service to meet specific business continuity objectives to prevent downtime and revenue loss for your organization.

Features and benefits include:

  • Wireless failover at broadband speeds
    • Provides full broadband speeds and avoids the obstacles of physical infrastructure disruptions that can affect traditional failover solutions.
  • Meet business continuity objectives with immediate and flexible failover
    • Offers true diverse paths for terrestrial connections, providing cost-effective backup for mission-critical applications.
  • Cost-effective, global SD-WAN failover
    • Provides 4G LTE or 5G connectivity across 200+ countries.
    • Can be purchased in conjunction with SD-WAN through Globalgig as a single supplier

Wireless WAN as Primary Connectivity

Wireless WAN services can be used as the sole source of network connectivity. The service includes a Cradlepoint or Peplink wireless router and can be purchased with one of three levels of managed service. With flexible billing plans, including metered, pooled, shared, and pay-as-you-go, Globalgig can accommodate most scenarios.

Use cases for wireless WAN services include:

  • Locations that are inaccessible by wireline networks, such as remote locations or sites where it may be unsafe or unnecessary to deploy wired connectivity, such as oil rigs
  • Facilities where connectivity is needed for lower bandwidth applications, such as branch offices, point of sale locations, construction sites, kiosks, and ATMs
  • Temporary connectivity needs for events, conferences, and pop-up offices

Wireless Out-of-Band Management

Wireless Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) offers a secure and isolated pathway to access your network, utilizing reliable wireless connectivity and cloud-based tools for remote device access. With OOBM, you can access your devices remotely and maintain network performance, even when terrestrial services fail. This solution provides redundant connectivity for managed services and diverse access to your device, reducing downtime and enhancing performance.

Features and benefits include:

  • Rapid installation and setup before terrestrial network connections are available.
    • Wireless connectivity can be deployed in weeks, even in remote areas where wired deployments can take months.
  • Maintenance and repair work including patches and updates, and system and software recovery or repair, can be done via the OOBM network, independent of production network availability.
  • Air gap security of the OOBM channel via a wireless network connection is physically separate from the “in-band” network connection that the system services, preventing traditional network users from accessing it.
  • Wireless Failover can be added to Out-of-Band Management without additional hardware.

The Globalgig Difference

Global Coverage

Benefit from seamless global reach with connectivity available in over 200 countries through our partnerships with over 600 carriers.

Flexible Plans

Customize your plan to suit your needs with options for individual, shared, pooled, and pay-as-you-go plans across multiple carriers.

Managed Services

Choose from three tiers of flexible managed services for any Wireless Networking deployment.

Diverse Use Cases

Wireless Networking can address challenging deployment scenarios such as temporary or emergency connectivity, or provide Out-of-Band-Management or Failover capabilities.

Leading equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of wireless routers and devices from industry-leading partners including Cradlepoint, Peplink, Teltonika, and Parsec.

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