POTS Replacement

Reliable, Cost-effective Connectivity

As copper infrastructure becomes more expensive to maintain, telecommunication carriers are phasing out Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines and transferring the costs to customers. Still using POTS lines? Globalgig can help you transition from legacy analog lines to reliable LTE cellular or VoIP connections, and save money.

The Challenge of Replacing POTS Lines

POTS lines serve a variety of purposes, including voice communications, security alarms, emergency call boxes, fire panels, and more. However, not all communication devices from the analog era, especially fire alarm control panels and fax lines, are designed for digital transmission. This can make it difficult to implement POTS Replacement services successfully.

The Globalgig Difference

Globalgig’s suite of POTS Replacement services are fully redundant and scalable, and backed by 24x7 monitoring and support.

Major Cost Savings
  • Up to 70% cost savings over traditional phone lines, using wireless or broadband
  • Complete package includes connectivity, equipment, deployment and management
Broadest Reach
  • Wireless coverage across all major carriers, with pre-qualification of 4G LTE coverage in your area
  • Wireless offered as primary connectivity or backup option
Peace of Mind
  • Complete service management, including professional installation, managed equipment, and break/fix support with emergency replacement
  • Remote firmware upgrades
Meet Compliance Objectives
  • Fully compliant with fire, e911 and life safety services codes
  • Includes proactive monitoring and support

POTS Replacement for Every Use Case

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