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POTS Replacement

Reduce the cost of your plain old telephone lines (POTS) by half

Cost of POTS is Ballooning

Major telecommunications companies today are rapidly retiring their analog POTS lines as aging copper infrastructure is increasingly more expensive to maintain. Providers like AT&T and Verizon are starting to eliminate support for landlines. Promising a full phase-out, Verizon filed a request with the FCC to retire copper wires, ridding the maintenance and support on POTS lines. These network providers are also raising prices significantly to drive customers to migrate to new digital technologies.

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Our Solution

Replace expensive POTS Lines with Wireless or VoIP Systems

  • Lower monthly cost
  • Easy and fast to deploy
  • Wireless option utilizes the best in breed 4G LTE Carriers – Verizon & AT&T
  • VoIP option delivered on industry-leading equipment
  • Complies with local codes e911 and life safety applications
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Considerations for POTS Replacement

POTS lines serve many different applications and are connected to a variety of devices, including voice communications, security alarms, fax machines, gate systems, emergency call boxes, fire panels. While many application and devices can be replaced by broadband data line, not all analog-era communications are built for digital transmission. For example, most commercial fire alarm control panels are connected to the central monitoring station using two POTS lines. The lines transmit unique signals to communicate with the monitoring centers. Some alarm dialers will not work correctly with VoIP technology, unable to send correct signals to the monitoring stations. Another example is a fax line. Fax was designed for analog networks and does not transmit optimally over a digital network, needing an analog adapter that supports T.38 protocol.

Hosted VoIP Phone System

Cost-Saving POTS Replacement Options With VoIP and/or Cellular Services

Globalgig provides enterprise-grade solutions for POTS line replacement. Our suite of services can convert all types of existing POTS lines with next-generation technologies such as VoIP and cellular. Service options for POTS line replacement are available for voice, fax, point of sales terminals, as well as for fire panels and elevator emergency lines. Whether using VoIP or Cellular technology to replace POTS lines, the monthly cost savings can be significant.

Replace POTS Lines with VoIP

Globalgig provides VoIP services bundled with analog adapters that supports voice and fax lines with T.38 protocol, simplifying deployment for our customers.

Replace POTS Lines with Cellular services

For emergency, fire panel or hard-to-reach locations, Globalgig can replace POTS lines utilizing proven wireless technology with LTE cellular service. For fire alarm lines, the wireless device bundled with our service are UL certified – UL 1023 / UL 985 / UL 864 10th Ed, and NFPA 72 Signaling Code certified, listed and fire marshal approved for use in all 50 states.  Our solution is delivered with two wireless devices and SIMS from two different cellular carriers, delivering connection diversity and redundancy.  Keep alive features are included to ensure the wireless routers stay connected.

Power supply with battery backup protection

Globalgig offers backup power supplies to ensure services are not impacted by power outages.

Call Center

Full Range of Voice Services to Support Migration

Globalgig’s team of experts will support all aspect of the migration project from obtaining new phone numbers or porting existing numbers, including toll-free numbers. We also offer a wide range of calling plans to meet the specific needs of each business. Our wide-range of services can deliver significant cost-savings, reduce management complexity and give businesses the speed-to-deployment ahead of the full phase-out of POTS lines by the landline carriers.

Our Specialty

Business Voice

Our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking services adapt to the way you work, communicate and collaborate. Our business voice services support requirements for global calling and provisioning small-scale call centers.

Global Network Services

Comprehensive public and private networking services covering Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices, switches, routers, virtual machines. Globalgig is uniquely positioned to integrate wireline network with wireless services to create innovative solutions.

Wireless WAN

Global 4G LTE connectivity for failover and business continuity solutions, network access for remote and hard-to-reach locations, temporary connections for conferences, events and pop-up retail shops.

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