Private LTE/5G

Where Cellular Connectivity and Your LAN Meet

Break free from the limitations of Wi-Fi networking and achieve ubiquitous coverage evn in challenging indoor environments and outdoor facilities with high device density. Globalgig's Private LTE/5G service provides the best of both worlds: the fixed cost of a LAN combined with the flexibility, security, coverage, and mobility benefits of LTE/5G.

How It Works

Globalgig’s Private LTE/5G solution uses existing infrastructure and small cells to deliver reliable and consistent connectivity. Our solution can be customized to operate on licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum, depending on your needs. Private LTE is particularly useful for wide-area network applications, providing seamless handoff for mobile devices in large campus environments, while enhancing security and offering low-latency performance.

Benefits of Private LTE/5G

Private LTE offers several advantages over Wi-Fi in real-world applications, including expansive coverage, a consistent user experience, and support for high device density.

  • Ideal for both indoor or extended outdoor coverage, such as ports, airports, warehouses, large campuses
  • High-performance for low-latency and packet-loss sensitive applications like VoIP
  • Optimizes user experience by utilizing small cell infrastructure to ensure seamless transmission of data

Technical Features and Advantages of Private LTE

Enterprise Wi-FiPrivate LTE/5G
Layer 1:20-30dBm EIRP indoors and outdoors30dBm EIRP indoors and 47dBm outdoors
Indoor coverage 4x better, outdoor coverage 10x better
Layer 2:Crowded spectrum with no coordination among nodesDedicated spectrum with central coordination
Enable QOS, reliable connectivity
Auth:User and certificate-based credentials
Service segregations by SSID
SIM-based credentials
Service segregation by network slicing
E2E user authentication, complete data segregation and logging of all access
Mobility:True mobility not supportedFull mobility supported by infrastructure
Guaranteed SLA with traffic scheduling

Solution Example: Corporate Private LTE Network

  • In our Private LTE solution, a single Evolved Packet Core serves as the control center of the LTE network and is installed at the headquarters data center
  • All radios are backhauled to the EPC via the corporate network, ensuring secure and reliable connectivity.
  • SIM management is accomplished through Globalgig’s Orchestra management platform, which provides centralized management and visibility into your IoT devices.
  • Every device is authenticated to ensure maximum security, and company data always remains behind the corporate firewall to protect your sensitive information.

Complete Private LTE Offering

Globalgig’s service includes a complete Private LTE/5G solution with SIMs managed through our Orchestra Management platform and monitoring and support provided by our 24/7 Network Operations Center.

  • Site survey
  • Network design and RF plan
  • System acquisition, installation and commissioning of the network
  • On-boarding: access to Orchestra Management platform
  • Network monitoring and support

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