Orchestra Network Platform

Comprehensive Global Service Management, One Platform

What if there was a single platform where you could manage all your global network services? Globalgig's Orchestra is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that gives customers access to wireless, SD-WAN, network services, voice, managed services, and equipment inventories, as well as self-service and advanced reporting capabilities for wireless services worldwide. Orchestra provides the tools and intelligence that customers need to manage their global infrastructure with ease and efficiency.

Orchestra at-a-Glance

Orchestra provides inventory and billing information across all Globalgig global services and equipment. Wireless customers can easily activate and manage their entire inventory of wireless SIM cards, ensuring a seamless global experience across all mobile network operators. Additionally, Orchestra’s user-friendly, cloud-based platform can be accessed through a comprehensive range of application programming interfaces (APIs) for optimized performance. Globalgig also uses APIs to connect with suppliers globally, allowing for rapid provisioning and service repairs.

A Highly-Secure Platform

Safeguarding our customers’ data is paramount to Globalgig’s business. We have developed Orchestra 3.0 to meet this objective, via the following features:

  • Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign-on: These security features provide a secure and streamlined login experience for users, reducing the need to remember multiple login credentials.
  • Globalgig’s software and systems are also certified as SOC 2, Type II compliant.
  • Role permissions for customers: With this feature, you can control access to your accounts and limit the actions that can be performed, improving security, and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Wireless Management

Orchestra provides comprehensive wireless management capabilities to help our customers stay in control of SIM inventory and usage, while avoiding unexpected charges and overspending. Key features of wireless management include:

  • Our Wireless SIM Management feature allows you to easily add and remove SIMs from inventory, control access to mobile networks, and suspend/reinstate SIMs as needed.
  • With our Wireless Usage and Spend Notification feature, you can receive email alerts when your data plan or SIM cards go into overage, or when the SIM is used in an out-of-bundle country, helping to avoid unexpected charges.
  • The Wireless Autobar feature enables you to set usage limits, preventing your account spend from getting out of control and avoiding surprises in your bill.

Powerful Wireless Reporting Capabilities

Orchestra offers customizable reporting through feature-rich, interactive reporting widgets. Our wireless reporting includes service usage, SIM usage (by day and country), current month usage, call data record export, and the ability to drill down into SIM details by service. In addition, we provide historical usage by plan, advanced filtering options like billing account and billing group, interactive graphical data analysis, and the ability to drill down into usage by plan and country. Globalgig ensures that our customers have access to the most comprehensive wireless reporting options available.

Take advantage of these capabilities for better business planning:

  • View usage data in close to real-time for immediate insights
  • Customize reports to suit specific needs
  • Identify patterns and trends in usage to make data-driven decisions and identify cost-savings and inefficiencies.

Key Features

  • Access to all Globalgig services, including global networking, wireless, voice and hardware, via a single SaaS platform
  • Multi-factor authentication and single sign-on for a streamlined, secure login experience
  • Granular role permission to reduce risk of unauthorized access
  • Notification on wireless usage and spending; ability to set usage limits
  • Self-service tools for wireless customers
    • Manage accounts and resolve issues without the need for customer support, reducing wait times and improving efficiency
  • Self-activation for wireless services
    • Streamlined activation process for SIM cards for maximum convenience and rapid ability to use card
  • Interactive reporting capabilities:
    • Allows customers to view and analyse data from their accounts in real-time, providing valuable insights that can inform decision-making and help optimize their accounts.
  • Advanced, interactive reporting for wireless customers
  • Hardware management, access to licensing inventory
  • Access to invoice history and payment method controls:
    • Easy access to billing history and automated payment options, making it simple to manage accounts and avoid late payments
  • Coming soon: single pane of glass view for trouble ticketing and all managed services

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