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Globalgig | SD-WAN Report

The State of SD-WAN:Globalgig Survey Results


This exclusive report offers professional insights into the current landscape of SD-WAN adoption, including managed services usage, SD-WAN use cases, and the key drivers influencing SD-WAN and SASE solution implementations. Learn about the latest SD-WAN connectivity trends to accelerate innovation and move your business forward faster.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll find:

  • The Shift to SD-WAN: A significant 75.89% of organizations are adopting SD-WAN solutions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Uncover strategies for reducing operational costs through SD-WAN.
  • Future-Ready Networking: Insights into the rising integration of 5G technologies in SD-WAN.

Delve into our report for in-depth analysis and data points, exploring the challenges organizations face with their current network infrastructure and how SD-WAN and SASE can address these issues. This essential read offers WAN and network managers key information to make informed, strategic decisions in the rapidly evolving world of network management.

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