A CIO’S Guide to Planning and Implementation

How Can You Best Secure and Optimize Your Global Network?

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Globalgig & Palo Alto Networks | eBook

Driving the future of work through enterprise-wide SASE

The enterprise network is changing. Security is top of mind now more than ever, especially as enterprises focus on supporting remote work and a hybrid office environment. How can your company successfully address these challenges?

Globalgig and Palo Alto Networks have combined their expertise in global networking and SD-WAN to provide this useful CIO guide about the future of work through SASE. The piece addresses these changes in enterprise technology and shows you how to maximize the value of your network.


A Sneak Peak Inside the eBook:

WHAT IS SASE? SASE is the hottest buzzword in networking and security right now—but what is it?

ADOPTION USE CASES Discover three use cases showing how SASE is helping companies achieve their most important IT goals:

  • Empowering the hybrid workforce
  • Supporting cloud and digital initiatives
  • Enabling branch office transformation

PREPARING FOR SASE What does it take to prepare your organization for SASE at the human, technical, and administrative levels?


Download the eBook