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May 1, 2018


Globalgig orchestrates hyperconnectivity for the enterprise business continuum using managed communications solutions across 190 plus countries. Now looking to build a Channel in the UK Mark Castle, Chief Revenue Officer, spoke to Comms Business Magazine Editor David Dungay about his plans to bring something different to the Channel community.


COMMS BUSINESS MAGAZINE (CBM): Tell us about your foray into the IoT space, why are you developing a Channel?
Mark Castle (MC): 
Globalgig’s core identity is that of a multi-country MVNO focused on global mobile connectivity solutions for corporate and enterprise customers with use cases varying from international travel solutions, multi-country failover services and M2M & IoT to more advanced solutions such as SD-WAN deployments.

Mobile data under-pins the IoT infrastructure and the ability to provide this on a global basis is increasingly important for IoT solution providers and customers alike. In addition to the actual Globalgig multi-country data services, is the ability to manage all SIMs and connectivity from a single portal or API interface.

Having established our solutions in the market, we recognise that IoT is exploding and therefore partnerships are the best way to address and get access to the ever-expanding applications, developers and customers. We believe that the Globalgig solutions are the ideal enhancement to channel partners portfolios that do not overlap with other solutions they may have, offer them a differentiation in the market and create additional lucrative revenue streams for them.

Globalgig's Channel Hyperconnected World

CBM: Can you tell us about your Channel strategy, what sort of partners are you looking for?
MC: The market is being addressed by partners of all shapes and sizes with varying backgrounds from telecoms distributors to IT systems integrators and Globalgig is open to partnerships with all of these in the UK and across Europe with a preference for existing experience of mobile data solutions.

CBM: What kind of differentiation are you bringing to the market, which is becoming increasingly crowded?
Globalgig has always differentiated itself in offering truly global solutions with secure resilient connectivity to all geographic locations with a service provided with common setup, single bill, single currency all with 24/7 support.

So a greatly simplified service even down to logistics, support and ultimately one partnership allowing the partners and customers to concentrate on their core services in the exploding IoT market rather than worrying about multiple mobile data providers across countries and time zones all with different SLAs.

In what we do, which is specialise in global mobile data solutions, the market is actually not that over-crowded with competent providers, our expertise is proven since we developed the technology in 2009 and launched service in 2012. This expertise is priceless for a partner or customer whose business depends on our connectivity services.

CBM: What kind of challenges exist these days for partners entering the space, how are you helping them overcome these?
The two main challenges in IoT today are being commercially competitive and offering a multi-country service and at Globalgig we believe that taking these two challenges together helps solve both problems.

If a basic service is being offered then the inevitable commercial effect is a race to the bottom which does not benefit any of the parties involved including the end customer.

Offering a premium level of service with a global footprint provides differentiation allowing for a simpler improved service whilst at the same time allowing for margins in the channel.

We support our channel partners in ensuring they can provide the same level of expertise that exists within Globalgig as a knowledgeable partner is a consultative asset to their customer improving margins and service stickiness.

CBM: What kind of connectivity developments are afoot which partners should be aware of?
Many industry suppliers are still struggling to get 4G connectivity and value-added services from their mobile data partners, whereas as a multi-country MVNO, we have ensured that we can offer a global 4G footprint offering services such as static IP solutions, again all managed through a single common portal or API.

The future of IoT and its flexibility will revolve around the ability to provide dynamic subscription management across 5G networks. At Globalgig we are in the process of launching our eSIM solution and looking further forward, discussions have already started with our MNO partners around the availability of 5G, which be essential to long-term IoT connectivity.


Source: CommsBusiness Magazine



About Globalgig

Globalgig orchestrates hyperconnectivity for the enterprise business continuum using managed communications solutions. Globalgig provides wireless connectivity across a 190-plus country footprint and offers a full suite of communications services and products including Hosted VoIP, Mobile Device Management, Wi-Fi Hotspots, Remote Office and Backup, Technology Expense Management and IoT/M2M connectivity solutions. Globalgig is a registered brand of iGEM Communications Holdings LLC, which does business as Globalgig. Globalgig is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with offices across the U.S., and in London and Sydney.


About Mark Castle

Mark was co-founder of Globalgig and has 25 years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. He was key to the commercial, technological and strategic directions of Globalgig and remains responsible under the new iGEM ownership for all commercial aspects within EMEA.

Previously Mark has held senior positions in the SIM industry with Sagem Orga (now Idemia), Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Bluefish Technologies including working in the UK, Middle East and India.