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IoT SIM Options

Extensive options customized for specific use cases

Hyperconnect with the Globalgig SIM

As a global Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Globalgig provides IoT data connectivity in more than 200 countries. Our proprietary Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) SIM card contains its patented technology that enables IoT devices to connect seamlessly in countries all over the world.Globalgig’s SIM can be used in any 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE enabled IoT devices. Our full suite of SIM options enables IoT partners to create innovative & customized solutions.

Benefits of the Globalgig SIM

• One SIM with coverage in over 200+ countries

• IMSI and keys in the SIM provide the high level of security that GSM

connectivity guarantees

• The Globalgig Multi-IMSI SIM has a built-in application with the logic to

automatically select the most appropriate carrier, no reliance on servers or

the user, IMSI selection is automatic

• Once connected, IoT devices can be assured of high quality, low-cost,

reliable service

• Static IP (Private or Public) and private networking available

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The Globalgig SIM – Technical Specification

Read our datasheet on the complete SIM specification


Consolidated Billing and Support

Globalgig offers a variety of SIM options customized for specific use-cases. Multi-IMSI SIM options are available for customers looking for favorable pricing in specific regions. For clients wanting to optimize in a specific country and/or on a specific network, Globalgig offers single IMSI SIMs as well as local SIMs. Customers with applications that need maximum coverage, Globalgig can provide SIMs with multiple networks in a country.

Customized Data Plans and Private Networking

Different SIM SKUs can have common data plans for pooling data usage across SIMs and geographies. Static private and public IPs are available for IoT networking and data plans can be easily managed in our Orchestra Client Portal. Data plans can also be optimized for maximum network availability or fewer networks at a lower cost.

Single Source Provider with Extensive SIM Options

Globalgig can consolidate billing across multiple SIMs, data plans and countries on a single invoice with one currency, streamlining the management of global IoT network connectivity. Single-pane-of-glass management of all SIMs in Globalgig’s Orchestra Client Portal eliminates the hassles of working with multiple network operator portals and provisioning processes. Globalgig also provides the single point of contact world-wide – one team for all support queries available 24/7 365.