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Senior Living Facility Cuts Costs with POTS Replacement Services

This company switched from POTS to new tech, cutting voice costs by 75% and streamlining with a single provider for greater efficiency.


Customer Profile – Sodalis Senior Living

Sodalis Senior Living operates communities for senior adults that range from independent living to memory and respite care. The company’s mission is to help its residents live healthy and fulfilling lives, providing the care they need as well as diverse activities and opportunities for socialization to keep them engaged. Sodalis offers a range of living options in sites across Texas and Florida in communities designed to keep residents close to families and loved ones.

Business Challenges

Sodalis was using plain old telephone service (POTS) lines for voice calling and emergency purposes. With the FCC mandating reduction of support for POTS, Sodalis reviewed their legacy analog services and noticed significant issues including:

  • Increasing Costs: The company received notices of monthly rate increases up to 100%.
  • Multiple Vendors: Sodalis had POTS lines across 10 locations, which were served by several carriers. Managing these relationships was operationally inefficient.
  • Inaccurate Line Inventory: The company had some lines being used for multiple purposes and some not in use at all. They needed to carefully look at each line to determine which should be kept versus discontinued.

The Globalgig Solution – A Comprehensive Solution, One Provider

Sodalis selected Globalgig to migrate their POTS services to upgraded replacement technology. Globalgig built an inventory of the company’s phone lines including voice, alarm and fire panel lines. The process included identifying all invoiced lines and verifying the use-case for each line with the customer.

The same process was performed for fire panel lines, using alarm panel management as the source for line use verification. This inventory process identified lines that were being used for multiple purposes, and determined that lines needed for alarming would need to be used for that sole purpose.

The next step was to convert the expensive POTS voice lines to less costly hosted VoIP lines. Globalgig handled the end-to-end project management for this transition, from contacting the carriers to porting the numbers.

Finally, Globalgig converted POTS lines used for fire panels to wireless lines that can communicate with the fire monitoring stations. For this project, each fire panel was connected to the monitoring station with a primary and a backup wireless communicator device, powered by the fire panel UPS. In total, Globalgig converted 20 fire alarm POTS lines into wireless lines.

Results – Streamlined Processes, Cost Savings

Sodalis realized immediate benefits by switching from POTS lines to new technology including:

Cost Savings: The company avoided a rate hike from their existing POTS line providers through working with Globalgig for their migration. Overall, they saw 75% reduction in their voice services bill. On a monthly basis, they saved over $14,000 a month, which has equated to $170,000 reduction in expenses annually.

Service Provider Simplicity: Sodalis eliminated inefficiencies of managing multiple carriers by using Globalgig as their sole provider of business voice services across all locations. They now only have one invoice to process, a single customer care team and one point of contact for project management.

Seamless Upgrades: Globalgig handled the voice services transition process end-to-end. This included performing number research and identifying those associated with the lines, as well as verifying this data with multiple carriers. Globalgig also worked with the fire monitoring companies to ensure the successful installation of wireless communication lines to replace existing POTS lines for alarming.

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