Wireless WAN Solutions for Business Continuity

Nov 20, 2018


As 4G LTE services are increasingly available globally, companies are deploying wireless WAN solutions for failover connectivity. Wireless routers are provisioned with automatic switch-over to the wireless WAN connection so vital systems can stay connected. In 2014, Garner Research showed that 1 minute of down time can cause businesses and average of $5,000. Implementing wireless WAN services for the failover connection just makes sense.

Avoid network downtime with Wireless WAN Solutions

The average business will suffer from 15 hours of IT/network downtime per year, causing direct financial impact. The consequence of just a few minutes of network downtime can create a ripple effect across the entire company’s operations. Having a solid business continuity strategy in place can significantly benefit the bottom line by protecting revenue from events such as the point-of-sales (POS) system failures, brand reputation damage by network outages, disconnection from critical cloud-based applications. Any operational stoppage caused by a network failure is expensive and resource consuming. No single Wide Area Network (WAN) connection can provide 100% up-time, this is why it is imperative to have a secondary, redundant connection within your business continuity strategy.

Global Wireless WAN solutions for SD WAN Failover

Wireless WAN Services provides a true diverse path for business continuity. Globalgig offers wireless WAN solutions internationally. With the growth of SD-WAN implementations, wireless WAN service provides the perfect failover resiliency from a cost and flexibility perspective. Globalgig’s failover solution for SD-WAN can be delivered in a combination of 3G/4G LTE across 200 plus countries, streamlining carrier vendor management and billing significantly.

Customised Data Packages for Global Wireless WAN Services

Globalgig offers affordable and standard data bundles as well as customised data plans for wireless WAN implementations.   Our goal is to design integrated wireline and wireless WAN solutions that meet your business objectives. Our global wireless data plans has no restrictions on usage, no daily allowances or throttling. Options for shared data buckets and pooling across SIMs are available and can be custom designed. Data access and usage in multiple countries are combined with the same terms, on a single bill, drastically reducing management resources for negotiating multiple carrier contracts and invoicing in multiple currencies.

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