Global SIM Management

Nov 20, 2018


While many wireless carriers provide portal access for provisioning and managing their SIM cards and data usage, it is restricted to their own network. For businesses needing global wireless communications, SIM managing can become a complex and resource-intensive operation having to access multiple carrier portals with incompatible reporting and inconsistent views of data usage.

Orchestra – the Ultimate SIM and Mobile Data Management Platform

Orchestra is Globalgig’s proprietary, API-based, mobile data management and intelligence platform. With a single pane of glass management, customers can access data plan subscriptions, usage, billing, and location data each individual SIM. The Orchestra Poral give customers the ability to optimize expense by giving detailed drill-down on wireless data usage for each SIM/device. Powerful API extensibility give administrators reduce points of management for IoT, fleet, and ERP software tools.

Orchestra’s SIM management portal features include:

  • Dashboard display of current month activity for subscriptions, SIMs and usage by plan
  • One clear overview all subscription information
  • Ability to link a device to a SIM card and its subscription
  • Detailed usage data can be filtered by a date range to view usage by date and country
  • Month-by-month glance at all subscriptions with usage
  • End user view gives a quick glance at users and endpoints, with drill-down to detailed views that provide the full user information along with subscription.

Administrative users of Orchestra can activate, suspend, and reactivate suspended services, giving businesses the flexibility to implement management policies across the entire user base. Orchestra is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. The API interface allows businesses to integrate Orchestra data with other management systems to optimize SIM management and data usage.

The Orchestra portal can be bundled with Globalgig’s SIMs, providing a wholistic wireless connectivity solution for global businesses. To learn more about what Globalgig can provide for your global wireless connectivity needs, click on Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.