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Everyone hates the high cost of roaming.  But what are you to do? Today’s highly mobile sales force are still under the expectation of quick responses to customers and potential clients, regardless of where in the world they are; regardless of the bill they’ll be welcomed home by.


A salesperson travelling from the USA to England, on to France, Turkey, Japan and then a final stop in Australia, all over a 6-month period, will – under normal conditions – leave a carrier smiling all the way to the bank.

What if there was a better way?

Let’s look at the same scenario. The salesperson travels over the same period of time to the exact same locations. The only thing that changes is the SIM card. This time the user has a Globalgig SIM card with in-built international connection capabilities. Whatever country that salesperson travels to, this SIM card can locate the local network to provide them with data and the high cost of roaming goes away.

Local networks from all over the world can be programmed in to the SIM card to provide data services wherever the user lands. In cases where that country has multiple providers, it selects the one that will provide the best experience, ensuring the best quality of service.

Take that same scenario and multiply it by a salesforce of 25, 50, 100 or more and the cost savings can be significant.

Now let’s expand this concept even further. What if you need a mobile office, like a news team, or temporary sales office, possibly a recruiting office? These offices need to be portable, easy to set up, and have internet access. Lastly they need to be able to set-up anywhere in the world.

These are real world scenarios that are being solved today. We at Globalgig are part of this solution. If you have interest, please call your Globalgig point of contact today. Look for more on this topic next week.

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