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Globalgig’s SD-WAN Practice is built on the premise that each solution must be purpose-built using one of a handful of fully vetted, industry-leading platforms to tailor a solution that meets a customer’s business needs. Palo Alto’s CloudGenix platform is one of our favorites for helping meet those business needs as well as deeply extending the visibility to the application and users on a customer’s network.

The enablement of Palo Alto’s SASE solutions by the CloudGenix platform coupled with their application flow-based technology is best of breed and provides complete and actionable analytics. This enhanced visibility and application layer policy setting is transformative because it enables us to tune our customer’s networks to optimize the user experience.

One of the more unique capabilities with CloudGenix is how effortlessly we can implement sophisticated, customer experience-driven policies and back those up with analytics that are tailored to improve path selection for the end-user. The availability and performance of a customer’s applications is the end that justifies the means. The ability to set policy at the application level versus the packet level simplifies the process and the technology yields results our customer’s love.  For example, real-time applications, such as voice and video, are impacted by inconsistent latency, jitter, and packet loss.  The ability to set policy for voice and video applications around access performance on latency, jitter, and packet loss enhances user experience with these applications.

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In addition to these capabilities, Palo Alto’s newly released ION 1000 and 9000 expand the use cases we can solve.  The 1,000 more cost-effectively solves for remote worker and small office sites while the 9000 scales to 10G throughput for Datacenter and Large Branch offices.  This line expansion, coupled with their application layer routing and analytics, enables our purpose-built SD-WAN practice to create unique solutions that deliver results.

Michael Mckinnon
SVP – Solutions and Engineering

Michael Mckinnon co-founded Unified Scale which was acquired by Globalgig in early 2019. As Globalgig’s SVP of Solutions & Engineering, Michael works with clients to design and develop solutions using Globalgig’s unique and unbiased methodology, one that leverages an analysis of a customer’s network architecture, application flows, business policies and security requirements to derive the right design.


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