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Advancements in technology have led to industrial and business solutions that enables connectivity across hostile environments for a variety of uses. The expansion of internet protocols and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications give organizations the ability to remotely monitor equipment like sensors or supply logistics tracking tools.

Many businesses require global communications across wired and wireless networks. However, harsh environments can impact business functionality by interfering with radio waves and physical network components. These areas require creative approaches. Globalgig offers several products and services which are great for connectivity and continuity. Secure your network with managed services and wireless mobility which allow access to critical data and business applications anywhere.

Harsh Environments

Harsh environments can exist anywhere—across mountainous terrain, across large bodies of water, or even inside factories. A harsh environment for connectivity can be one that is difficult to reach via a terrestrial network, for example, hostile terrain such as mountain ranges, deserts, dense jungles, and even large cities can pose problems for traditional connectivity options. Location and distance from the nearest network point of presence (POP) can hamper business connectivity in remote areas since it can be difficult and expensive to have wireline services installed.

Wireless devices can interfere with each other if operating on the same frequencies without proper management. Equipment in factories and warehouses can also give off electromagnetic interference which may impact sensors and other devices used in tracking and logistics. Weather is another important consideration. What kinds of impact will prolonged direct sunlight or high temperatures, rain, snow, or intense winds have on your connectivity equipment? Do you have a failover strategy in place?

Industrial Connectivity

Traditional connectivity for industrial and business use generally include wired connections from internet gateways or network point of presence (POP) to corporate networks. Wired networks offer many advantages such as high speeds and low costs. However, harsh environments can drive up wireline installations costs or very long leadtimes. Situations like these require tailored solutions unique to your business.

Hash Environment Connectivity Options

Wireless connectivity is great for places that prohibit cables and wired options. Wireless devices can be leveraged to send and receive data to and from appropriate destinations cost effectively. Compared to wireline services that has to be built across a harsh terrain with long lead times for installation, wireless services can be set up quickly to establish network connections immediately.

Cellular networks operate in a different radio wave frequency range than other wireless communication devices such as WiFi, which limits the impact of interference. Radio waves used in cellular communication can also reach longer distances and provide broadband upload and download speeds.

Business Continuity

Remote business locations or mobile business units require access to business-critical data across secure and easy to use networks. Ideally, a business or organization seeks to lower costs by contracting with an internet service provider or cellular network operator. Businesses that operate globally across many different networks must negotiate with multiple vendors, providers, customer service teams, support staff, and more. This can require translators, currency conversion and bring additional costs when trying to efficiently manage a patchwork network.

Harsh Environment Worker

Long distance monitoring of remote sensors and devices, such as those on oil rigs far from a coast, require wireless solutions and efficient network management as well. Remote business units and temporary locations require quality connections, especially when interfacing with customers. Temporary lost connections or slow speeds can aggravate customers or allow them to form a negative perception of your business. Avoid the issue with wireless connectivity and failover solutions from Globalgig!

How Globalgig can Help

Globalgig offers custom tailored business continuity and industrial connectivity solutions at cost effective rates and with many other benefits that are worth considering. All-in-one bundled solutions with flat rate pricing and easy network and device management using proprietary software called Orchestra. Globalgig offers an impressive international SIM card which allows seamless business continuity across more than 200 countries.

Installing Globalgig SIM cards in your connected devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), business cell phones, tablets, and computers allow worldwide range with wireless connectivity and extreme ease of use. No more negotiations with multiple business partners across each county. Reach out today for more information on how your business can benefit.