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Improving Service Time and Performance with Wireless Broadband

Globalgig enables automotive services company to improve its mobile mechanics’ performance with reliable wireless coverage and management of its SIMs and data plans.


Customer Profile – Automotive Service Company

The number one provider of breakdown services in the U.K. has been serving motorists for over a century. In addition to protecting tens of millions of motorists and their interests, it also offers finance, insurance, leisure, and lifestyle services. The company has a proud history of embracing innovation and technology—from motorbike patrols to vans equipped with the latest technology—and offering authoritative, trustworthy advice and guidance.

Business Challenges

A leading auto breakdown service provider delivers 24/7 roadside service to tens of millions of U.K. motorists through a large mobile workforce. It encountered numerous challenges with its wireless services, including:

  • Information delivery to mobile mechanics: Drivers used laptops to run diagnostics, tethering these devices to their mobile phones. They frequently downloaded online manuals or firmware updates to perform roadside repairs. As a result, drivers were too reliant on high-quality wireless access. Bandwidth was limited across the phone and laptop and consistently drained the battery on mobile devices.
  • Need to streamline device usage: With a high volume of fleet vehicles and mechanics, the company needed to manage its wireless usage and costs.

The customer needed a provider who could deliver WiFi hotspot capabilities to provide reliable wireless access and a unified way to self- manage its services.

The Globalgig Solution

Globalgig worked with the company to develop a solution that delivered the flexibility and functionality the mobile mechanics and management required.

This wireless broadband solution included:

  • Providing multi-network Globalgig SIM cards that optimize network
    coverage across the U.K.
  • Crafting customized wireless usage plans that reflect how mobile mechanics use their devices
  • Equipping each patrol van with a hot spot for every connected device, freeing the phone for call

Additionally, the customer gained access to Orchestra, Globalgig’s unified, API-based portal. With this capability, the company has a single pane-of-glass management for all SIMs, data plans, usage, and billing, across its nationwide fleet of vehicles and mechanics.

Results – An Efficient, Reliable, Streamlined Solution

The auto services provider has realized several key advantages through working with Globalgig, including:

  • Enhanced ability to resolve customer problems quickly and efficiently
  • Higher productivity across its mobile and in-house workforce
  • Improved wireless reliability, through a multi-network service that avoids network coverage gaps
  • Simpler report uploading, providing management with real-time feedback about each service call
    Globalgig’s Orchestra management platform has also delivered:
  • Expense optimization, giving detailed drill-down views on wireless data usage for each
  • Ability to assign and reassign SIMs and devices to individual users or vans
  • Self-service functionality to easily activate, suspend, reactivate and deactivate SIMs and data plans
  • Full reporting capabilities to drill down to each SIM, subscription, location information, user and device

The customized solution provides a solid foundation for the customer’s continually expanding subscriber base and service offerings. No matter how large the vehicle fleet and mobile workforce grows, the Globalgig wireless broadband solution and Orchestra platform can scale to meet the auto service provider’s changing requirements.

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