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Dental Provider Boosts Locations with Wireless WAN & Wireless Broadband

Globalgig delivered wireless private networking capabilities connecting the customer’s retail locations and mobile service units globally, ensuring resiliency with carrier diversity at each location.


Customer Profile – Dental Care Provider

An industry pioneer of oral care combines cutting-edge technology with a fully-integrated model to provide dental alignment and correction services to patients. The company’s mission is to bring premium oral care that’s affordable and accessible to those in need around the globe. Its telehealth platform enables providers to perform orthodontia virtually, and in widely-expanded, affiliated, and state-licensed dentist and orthodontist locations.

Business Challenges

An innovative oral care provider had leveraged technology to expand its orthodontia services to retail and mobile locations, providing convenient, affordable care in underserved markets. This business model required reliable and secure connectivity to thousands of locations performing exams, cleanings, and 3D imaging. Yet, the nature of those locations created network challenges.

  • Retail Connectivity Obstacles: At store-within-a-store locations, the traditional wireline network connection approach increased costs and installation times.
  • Temporary Network Needs: Installing wired broadband circuits at temporary locations, then taking them down just months later, proved inefficient.
  • Mobile Bandwidth Issues: The company was bringing oral care to more patients using mobile buses. But the available single-threaded wireless WAN options didn’t provide sufficient bandwidth or reliability.

The Globalgig Solution

Globalgig worked with the customer to understand the distinct networking requirements for its retail, temporary, and mobile bus locations. The team recognized the solution would need to support video and music feeds in the waiting rooms, as well as imaging transmission between data centers and service locations. Additionally, the customer needed support for VoIP phones for administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling.

Globalgig designed a wireless broadband solution that delivers the bandwidth and reliability needed to meet the customer’s requirements.

The Solution Components Included:

  • A Peplink wireless SD-WAN platform, with Speed Fusion hubs at two diverse Globalgig points of presence and MAX HD2 Mini devices at each customer location (fixed or mobile)¹
  • Wireless private networking capabilities that included Globalgig SIMs with multiple mobile network options, private APN and two static IP addresses across all locations
  • Flexible wireless data plans, with usage pooled across multiple network operators and SIMs
  • 4G antennas mounted on mobile buses to maximize signal strength
  • Scalable connectivity to meet the customer’s plans to expand globally, specifically across multiple countries in Asia, as well as Australia
  • Access to Globalgig’s Orchestra management portal, which simplifies managing SIMs and data plans across multiple countries and network operators

Globalgig also provides the customer with 24/7 access to its knowledgeable and experienced technical support staff.

Results – A Secure, High-Performing Network Offering Global Coverage

The customized SD-WAN solution enables the dental care provider to deliver reliable service across multiple location types, each with unique connectivity needs. Through partnering with Globalgig, the customer gained:

  • Secure wireless access at all locations
  • Better connectivity, with bandwidth bonding and load sharing across multiple SIMs
  • Improved resiliency and business continuity, using wireless carrier diversity to eliminate service outages from single network failures
  • Fast installation for rapid deployment of sites and mobile buses
  • Better organizational efficiency through using a single service provider, with one invoice and support team, and a single portal for management of diverse SIMs

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