IoT Communications from Globalgig

Nov 21, 2018


There are growing number of successful IoT solutions with more being announced every day.  Businesses are starting to see new benefits realised by IoT implementations, now having access to data from IoT devices previously not available.  This has allowed for business process enhancements and cost savings.  One key challenge in deploying IoT applications is having network access to IoT devices that facilitates real-time IoT communications.  Network connectivity for IoT communications must be flexible, scalable, ubiquitous and in growing number of implementations, mobile.

Globalgig wireless service is the ideal fit for IoT Device Networking

Globalgig provides businesses and IoT solution developers with IoT device networking through its multi-IMSI SIM.  Globalgig’s patented multi-IMSI SIM enables wireless data communications from IoT devices in 200+ countries, an optimal solution for wireless connectivity for both IoT and M2M solutions.

Globalgig can provide SIMs to suit any IoT device or M2M communications and offers service bundles per unit or shared across a base of installations, which is suitable for uneven data usage.  Additionally, Globalgig’s Orchestra portal provides the API-based management platform to monitor the SIM status and data usage, including customised reporting.

Network for IoT Solutions

As both business and consumer markets continue to realise the benefits that IOT delivers to one’s lifestyle and daily activities, the uses cases and opportunities continue to blossom.  Globalgig works with businesses and their IoT partners to deliver network for IoT solutions globally.  As companies are finding new ways to interact with IoT devices and machines for extracting valuable data that is used in commercial and industrial applications as feedback loops for business and safety improvements, networking for IoT solutions are playing an increasing critical role.

Globalgig is laser focused on working with businesses and IoT partners to provide real-time, wireless connectivity via our patented multi-country SIM card for M2M solutions and IoT communications. We support our customers and partners in translating successful IoT implementations into a growing revenue, streamlining cost and developing industry expertise that can scale and deliver profitability to the business.  Click on Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.