Establish an Instant Network

Nov 21, 2018


Have a remote location or temporary office that needs a network connection? Are you struggling to find a reasonable network connection to a field location that cannot be served by wireline networks? Are you in a rural location where it will take months to install a terrestrial network service? Globalgig offers a solution that can deliver instant network connectivity to those hard-to-reach locations. Our Instant Instant Office solution comes with the networking hardware and out-of-the-box wireless connectivity for businesses looking to set up an office quickly and seamlessly.

Instant Wireless Connectivity in Remote Locations

Today’s business operates in a network connected environment. In areas where terrestrial fiber, cable or wireline infrastructure is not available or not cost-effective, wireless service can provide the broadband connection needed to keep crucial operations online. Instant Office is configured and shipped with an active SIM card, delivering high-availability, secured wireless broadband connection from day one; networking hardware that provides WiFi functionality; an Ethernet switch to quickly connect local devices; power supply and extension cords for immediate boot-up. Our Instant Office kit is delivered in a Durable roto-molded rack with cabinet shelf to withstand rugged environments.

Immediate Global Office Set-Up With Connections To The Internet Or Corporate Office

Globalgig is a multi-country MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with a patented SIM technology that enables local wireless connections in over 200 countries. This gives businesses the ability to leverage Globalgig’s Instant Office internationally, without the hassles of managing multiple vendors and paying invoices in numerous currencies. Outside of the U.S., a combination of 3G/4G services are available for Instant Office.

When faced with the challenges of secured network communications in hard-to-reach places, Globalgig makes network connectivity easy.   Instant Office is delivered with the equipment, rack, power, switch and most importantly, an immediate wireless network connection. Globalgig’s Instant Office solution can be leveraged for temporary and remote locations such as construction sites where network infrastructure is not yet available, and outlying offices with long lead-times for wireline service delivery.

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