Global Wireless Connectivity for Business Travelers

Nov 21, 2018


Mobile employees needs fast, reliable and secured data access on the road. Globalgig’s patented Multi-IMSI SIM with local data access in 200+ countries is ideal for corporate staff travelling locally, across the country or internationally. Employees can install the Globalgig SIM in mobile devices to maintain connectivity in temporary, off-site or client locations, eliminating the inconvenience of searching for WiFi zones, or buying local SIMs. Using the Globalgig SIM to connect to the corporate network also reduces the risk of network security from public WiFi access.

Businesses globally incur $67 billion+ annual cost on mobile services while roaming, an additional $ 17 billion+ spent on alternative connectivity. The Globalgig SIM can be used in any unlocked GSM compatible device such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop or hotspot to establish local wireless connections with over 600 carriers in 200+ countries, drastically reducing roaming charges.

International Wireless Connectivity

Globalgig’s SIM card can be leverage for the mobile enterprise not only for data access for corporate international travelers without excess roaming charges, but can be used in mobile MiFI devices or remote fixed wireless devices to access corporate networks securely by a group of employees. Giving employees a seamless, ubiquitous and secured way to connect to the corporate network while on the road gives your business’ most valuable asset the peace of mind.

API-based User and Device Management Portal

Globalgig’s API-based Orchestra portal give businesses the the ability to manage all SIMs and data usage from a single pane of glass. Business can now manage their global wireless connectivity plans with reporting and dashboard capabilities. Portal administrators can set up email alerts based on usage, activate, suspend and reactivate SIMs/devices based on usage. Detail views of data usage per SIM/device give businesses the capability to monitor and reduce cost.

Globalgig Makes it Simple

Globalgig gives businesses with on-demand international wireless connectivity across geographic borders, diverse communications technologies, and disparate devices globally, in real-time — one partner for wireless services in 200+ countries, one invoice and one customer care center. To learn more about what Globalgig can provide for your global wireless connectivity needs, click on Request a Quote and complete the sales inquiry form and an account manager will contact you within one business day.